Upgraded ATR Series Microphones from Audio-Technica

At CES 2020, A-T was excited to debut its upgraded line of ATR Series microphones. Ideal for a wide range of consumer and “prosumer” applications, these microphones feature a variety of improvements designed to make content creation better than ever before.

From streaming and podcasting, to recording and performing live, the ATR Series of microphones offers something for everyone. Improvements such as USB-C connectivity, improved internal A/D converters, restyled designs, and other refinements, Audio-Technica offers great-sounding, affordable solutions for content creators.

Upgraded ATR Series Microphones from Audio-Technica

The ATR Series of microphones is comprised of a dozen models, each offering different features at a variety of price points. The full lineup of upgraded ATR Series microphones includes the following models:

Upgraded ATR Series Microphones from Audio-Technica

The ATR2500x-USB side-address condenser mic is ideal for podcasting, home studio recording, voiceovers, and other content creation applications, while the ATR2100x-USB is designed for streaming, podcasting, and live performances. Both feature USB-C connectivity, a high-quality analog-to-digital converter, and a headphone jack for direct monitoring, and also come with a tripod desk stand and cables.

Enabling high-quality audio recording for camcorder and video applications, both the ATR6550x shotgun mic and ATR6250x stereo mic are great options for content developers. Designed for use with cameras, the ATR6550x comes with a camera shoe mount, and can easily pick up both nearby and long-distance sounds. The ATR6250x provides outstanding stereo sound for both audio recorders and cameras, plus it also comes with a camera shoe mount and an interchangeable mic-stand base.

The ATR4697-USB tabletop, ATR4750-USB gooseneck, and ATR4650-USB surface mount/clip-on microphones are upgraded from previous models with the addition of USB-C connectivity. And with included USB-C to USB-A adapters, these microphones now offer better compatibility between computers, tablets, smartphones, and other devices. The ATR4750-USB and ATR4650-USB also come with monitor mounts for affixing to computer monitors.

Ideal for video use, the ATR3350xiS newscaster-style lavalier microphone provides clear, intelligible voice reproduction, plus it can be used with tablets, computers, and smartphones with 3.5 mm inputs.

The ATR1500x, ATR1300x, ATR1200x, and ATR1100x unidirectional dynamic vocal/instrument mics have each been upgraded with a new, more refined appearance.

Which upgraded ATR Series microphone are you most excited to try?


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