Ultimate Gifts for Vinyl Collectors

Gifts for Turntable Care

Help the audiophile in your life preserve their turntable and keep listening to their favorite records year after year.

The AT6011 Anti-Static Record Brush is perfect for removing contaminants that collect in a record’s grooves and can diminish their favorite records’ sound quality. Dust, contaminants, and fingerprints can also cause wear and tear on records and a turntable’s stylus, which is why proper vinyl care is vital to preserving a vinyl collection. The AT6011 brush makes caring for records easy, and will help extend the lifespan of their LPs.

If you’re shopping for a collector who loves vintage records, help them preserve their beloved albums with the AT6012 Record Care Kit. The kit comes complete with Record Care Solution, a Sonic Broom velvet brush pad, a storage base, and double-sided adhesive tape. After use, they’ll notice improved tracking and fidelity of their records. Vintage vinyl collectors will also love the VM670SP Dual Moving Magnet Cartridge, which was specifically designed for playing 78 RPM records and helps reduce record noise. Any collector with records from the 1950s or earlier will be able to hear the difference from this cartridge.

Are you shopping for the ultimate audiophile? Look no further than the AT-ART1000 Direct Power Stereo MC Cartridge. The most advanced and sophisticated cartridge Audio-Technica has created to-date, the ART1000 combines the company’s years of experience manufacturing phono cartridges with expertise in analogue audio technology and cutting-edge materials and design. Part of the Audio-Technica Excellence program, the ART1000 was developed and engineered to deliver the highest listening experience for audiophiles.

Gifts for Vinyl Lovers

The Greatest Album Covers of All Time Coffee Table Book

Chosen by a panel of 50 experts, “The Greatest Album Covers of All Time” features artwork from more than 500 memorable jazz, blues, pop and rock covers. From the psychedelic art on the Rolling Stones’ Their Satanic Majesties Request to the iconic portrait on David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane, the vinyl collector in your life will love putting on their favorite record and flipping through this inspiring book.

Horrifically Bad Album Covers Coffee Table Book

Know a vinyl collector with a sense of humor? “Horrifically Bad Album Covers” is sure to get a laugh out of them. From hilarious covers like Tino’s Por Primera Vez to puzzling ones such as Country Church’s self-titled album, it’s sure to keep them entertained for hours.

Vinyl Storage Rack

To keep vinyl collections in pristine collection, proper storage is a must. A storage rack that keeps records stored vertically is ideal, as laying albums horizontally and stacked will make them warp over time. This vintage-inspired rack from Urban Outfitters is large enough to stash their LPs, while still being compact enough for those who are tight on space.

Vinyl Frames

No room for a vinyl storage rack? Vinyl frames serve as both compact storage for tight spaces and beautiful artwork to show off any collection. Look for frames, like these ones from Exposures, that allow for easy access to the records inside, so they can easily listen to the albums they proudly display.

Record Carrying Case

This black and metallic record carrying case is perfect for compact storage and on-the-go ease for impromptu jam sessions. The unique design opens on top for easy browsing, and recessed, lockable latches mean their favorite collection stays safe and secure. The case is big enough to store between 60 and 70 vinyl records, so they’ll never run out of options for what to listen to next.

Turntable Watch

This watch does more than just tell time. A true conversation starter, the watch includes a number of design features reminiscent of a traditional turntable. The record inside the watch’s face spins each second, while the time displays as the record’s BPM. The soft yet durable leather strap and water-resistant design ensure they’ll enjoy this gift for many years to come.

Record-Themed Cuff Links

Make formal attire fun with these vinyl-themed cufflinks. The stylish design features the signature 45 Adapter graphic with a sterling-silver finish and resin-top coating. They’ll be the life of the party when fellow music lovers immediately recognize the iconic design and strike up a conversation.

Record Placemats & Coasters

If you’re shopping for a vinyl collector who also love to entertain, then gift them record-themed placemats and coasters. Sure to impress their guests, the unique placemats and coasters will bring conversation to any dinner party and get guests talking about their favorite tunes.

Vinyl Me, Please. Subscription

Vinyl Me, Please. is the gift that keep giving! VMP is a subscription services that sends them a specially-curated record each month. Choose from 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscriptions that deliver a new album to their door once per month. Not sure if they’ll like the album they receive? Don’t worry – VMP members can swap out their records for any in the company’s archive or a limited set of store titles.

Vinyl Sleeves

Keep their records protected with reusable, plastic vinyl sleeves. The 50-pack of transparent sleeves makes it easy to identify which album they’re looking for, and the protective flap keeps dust out and prevents fingerprints, which can diminish the sound quality of their favorite records.

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    I purchased this wonderful Audio Technica AT-LP120BK-USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable (USB & Analog), Black. My computer is quite a distance from my turntable, What length USB cable can I use without any degrading of copying my LP’s’s. Also, is there a way to blue tooth my turntable to my computer. Thank you in advance.

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