Tricks of the Trade: Frank Filipetti’s Audio Retreat Weekend

When it comes to the art of audio recording the best way to learn is through hands on experience. That’s why we were proud to be a key sponsor for Frank Filipetti’s Audio Retreat Weekend at Hearstudios. Producers, engineers and musicians ventured to scenic Camden, Maine for a once in a lifetime chance to learn recording secrets from an industry icon.

Frank Filipetti’s Audio Retreat Weekend

A pioneer in the industry, Frank Filipetti was among the first engineers to move towards digital mixing. Throughout his storied career Filipetti has worked with a unique mix of artists including KISS, James Taylor, and Billy Joel, to name a few.Frank Filipetti

During the course of the three-day event, GRAMMY-winner Filipetti shared his formidable creative, technical and business insights with attendees. He covered a wide range of topics, including miking techniques for instruments and room capture, workflow concepts, critical listening, problem-solving, production strategies, signal processing, mix tricks, managing different-sized projects, technology evolution and application, and other essential aspects of the audio recording arts. Attendees also learned about client relationships, balancing work and personal life, and expanding career and business platforms.

Frank Filipetti’s Audio Retreat Weekend

The Audio-Technica miking clinic that was held on the final day of the retreat featured Frank and a select group of Audio-Technica personnel working with songwriter Ellen Tipper, a Maine-based folk singer/songwriter/pianist, and a live band. Essential aspects of mic selection and placement, room acoustics, isolation ideas, unique instrument miking techniques, tricks of the trade, problem solving, and other related topics were explored.Audio-Technica Microphone

Throughout the event Filipetti and his guests worked with a variety of A-T microphones including, AT5040 studio vocal microphones, AT5045 cardioid condenser instrument microphones, AT4081 phantom-powered bidirectional ribbon microphones and more.

Our Vice President, Product and Market Development, Michael Edwards was on hand throughout the event and noted, “The Sunday miking seminar was particularly successful, with Ellen Tipper and a live band providing a dynamic performance as a real-world backdrop for an in-depth look at how microphone technique factors in to all aspects of a production. The attendees were engaged and curious throughout, and from what I saw, everybody left the weekend inspired and invigorated.”

Frank Filipetti’s Audio Retreat Weekend

After three jam-packed days the attendees left Hearstudios inspired and armed with knowledge that they can now implement in their own studio sessions. Filipetti was excited to impart his wisdom, “I love sharing my knowledge and experience with those who are receptive to it, and having Audio-Technica as a partner in making this event happen made it even better.”

Thank you to everyone who attended the event, we hope you apply what you learned in and out of the studio!

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