The Lennon Bus Creator Station: What Does Peace Mean to You?

The Lennon Bus Creator Station- What Does Peace Mean to You

Image Courtesy of The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus.

Dedicated to bringing music and arts to those who may not have the opportunity otherwise, the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is a state-of-the-art mobile audio and HD video recording and producing facility. Founded in the honor of music extraordinaire John Lennon, this non-profit bus has been traveling across the United States for more than 20 years, devoting itself to promoting knowledge of music. From tours of music studios, to free digital media production workshops and so much more, the Lennon Bus offers insight on digital education to all of its guests.

As a proud sponsor of the Lennon Bus, A-T has provided powerful audio equipment to help support their commitment to providing students and individuals of all ages with personalized writing, recording, and producing sessions. One of the Lennon Bus’ most recent initiatives, the Creator Station, gave students and guests the opportunity to enhance their knowledge on the basics of recording. Featuring some of our favorite A-T equipment, the Creator Station offered visitors the opportunity to record and produce with the ATH-M50x headphones and AT2020USBi microphone.

To highlight visitors and reflect on the memory of John Lennon, the Lennon Bus encouraged Creator Station guests to answer the question “What does peace mean to you?” Some defined peace with simple but powerful words of love and kindness, while others connected peace to the soul-capturing nature of music. If one thing is clear after hearing the voices of these visitors, it’s that the definitions of peace are seemingly limitless. Check out some of the responses for yourself below!

Be sure to check out the Lennon Bus’ website for updates as it makes its way around the US!



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