The Fuel for Your Heart and Soul: SonicFuel® Headphones

Audio-Technica Sonic Fuel HeadphonesWith summer in full swing, it’s time to fuel up with Audio-Technica’s ATH-CKX5iS SonicFuel® In-ear Headphones. SonicFuel is designed for active daily use to power you forward while delivering extraordinary comfort, style and an immersive listening experience.

All of our SonicFuel in-ear headphones include multi-sized silicone eartips (XS, S, M, L) and C-tips (S, M, L). Each pair of headphones comes out of the box fitted with the medium eartips and C-tips, giving you a good middle ground from which to start when finding your perfect fit.

The SonicFuel Experience as Told by Bloggers

We’ve been lucky to have some amazing bloggers try out SonicFuel and write about their experiences. Here are some of our favorite posts:

  • GeekDad – “…I wore the headphones during my workout, they were extremely secure, the sound was fantastic, and I didn’t worry about them working their way out when I turned my head or moved around.”
  • Everyday Carry – “In-line volume and microphone controls. 360° rotating eartip adjusts to the unique angle of your ear. C-tip design fits the shape of your ear.”
  • TrekTech – “The SonicFuel earphones … do exactly what they promise – they fit comfortably in your ear and they stay in place. … But the sound they produce is their real selling point.”
  • Industry Outsider – “Overall, I think being able to get a custom fit for the most comfort is where the SonicFuel shines. The sound quality is good … and I could wear them all day if my life allowed for that sort of luxury. To me, that makes them worth the premium over other models that may sound good, but end up being a pain to keep in for longer periods.”
  • – “Audio-Technica makes an amazing pair of earbuds: SonicFuel ATH-CKX5iS, to be exact. These in-ear headphones feature a 360-degree rotating eartip that ensures they’ll stay in your ear and conform to your ear. They come with a bunch of different tips so they’ll fit anyone, and a convenient black pouch to keep them from getting tangled up with anything else in your bag.”

Just like the bloggers mentioned, one of our favorite features of the headphones is the customizable sizing. With the variety of C-Tips and eartips included, these headphones are sure to give you a great, personalized fit. Check out this video on how to choose the right size eartips and C-Tips:

Are you ready to fuel up and customize your fit?  Check out our full line of SonicFuel headphones.


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