The Audio-Technica ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System Overview

Audio-Technica’s ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System comes equipped with a variety of components and features that are designed to deliver exceptional audio reproduction, while allowing large or small meetings to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Featuring easy-to-use, plug and play functionality, the ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System offers reliable, clear, and intelligible communication to assist with meeting and conference efficiency. The ATUC-50’s ease of setup and multiple configuration options, including the ability to easily configure and reconfigure, allow the system to adapt to any number of discussion applications.

As a result, the ATUC-50 provides professional sound quality and advanced controls for applications including large-scale discussion conferences with multiple language needs or smaller gatherings and meeting room environments.

What Audio Components Are Available for the ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System?


A basic ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System configuration includes an ATUC-50CU Control Unit and multiple ATUC-50DU Discussion Units, which deliver 24 bit/48 kHz uncompressed digital audio for crystal-clear, natural-sounding voice reproduction.

There are several additional components available that allow the system to be easily expanded and customized as the user’s needs grow, including:

  • ATUC-50INT Interpretation Unit
  • ATUC-M43H and ATUC-M58H Microphones
  • ATUC-50IU Integration Unit
  • ATLK-EXT165 Link Extender

ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System Features: Control Unit and Discussion Unit

The ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System is designed to keep the discussion moving along in an orderly fashion and offers a variety of features to help assist in meeting efficiency.

Control Unit

The Control Unit features a built-in, 12-band audio feedback suppressor, permitting higher-operating volume levels without feedback, as well as an eight-band parametric EQ on the Control Unit’s analog output to provide extensive control over the audio’s character.

Each ATUC-50CU comes equipped with front-panel LEDs for system status and audio signal level. A large OLED display and “jog dial” allow local access to system settings and configuration parameters, and settings can be quickly saved as presets and easily recalled before the start of each meeting.


Additionally, a web remote feature enables the user to configure and operate the system from a computer, tablet, or mobile device, while IP control allows full parameter access from third-party control systems.

Discussion Unit

Each ATUC-50DU Discussion Unit features adjustable microphone gain and EQ to allow the units to be independently set to serve the voice of each participant. High-quality microphone pre-amps with discrete transistors help reduce system noise and enhance speech reproduction. A built-in headphone jack with volume control allows for easy communication.

Choose from multiple operational modes on each Discussion Unit, including:

  • Free-Talk
  • Request-to-Talk
  • Full Remote
  • Chairman Override

The compact, stylish Discussion Units incorporate a front-panel display for monitoring volume and channel selection, as well as two independently programmable status LEDs, channel select buttons, and a programmable talk button. A multi-colored LED status bar on the Discussion Unit, along with an LED on the front panel talk button, provide visual indication of Discussion Unit status. 

Does the ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System Support Different Languages and Translations?


The ATUC-50 Digital Discussion system can easily accommodate a diverse gathering of people and support multi-language applications by implementing the ATUC-50INT Interpretation Unit. The ATUC-50INT allows an interpreter to easily monitor the floor language and route the interpretation to other Discussion Units. The ATUC-50INT supports up to three simultaneous languages, and attendees can select their designed language from their Discussion Units by choosing floor language, translation 1, translation 2, or translation 3.

What is the Maximum Number of Connectable Discussion Units for an ATUC-50 System?


Each basic ATUC-50 Control Unit can support up to 100 Discussion Units with the use of the ATLK-EXT165 Link Extenders and ATUC-50CU firmware 1.6.0 or higher. The Link Extender also allows users to extend the cable run distance in a system, allowing up to three ATUC-50 Control Units to be cascaded together using a standard Cat5e cable. As a result, the system capacity can increase to 300 Discussion Units.

Designed for flexibility and reliability, the ATUC-50 Discussion and Interpretation components connect to the Control Unit with a single Cat5e cable using chain or ring topology. Each ATUC-50 Control Unit supports up to four chains or two rings. When using ring topology, the system’s reliability increases because the Control Unit recognizes each end of the ring as the beginning of a new chain. Should a connection failure occur in the ring, all of the Discussion Units continue to function, making the system ideal for mission-critical applications.

Can the ATUC-50 Record or Archive Discussions and Meetings?

The ATUC-50CU is equipped with a built-in audio recorder that’s capable of archiving and recording discussions in 2GB increments in WAV or MP3 files onto a connected USB mass storage device. The ATUC-50CU can record up to four channels of WAV files or two channels of MP3 files.

Does the ATUC-50 Work with Custom Installations?


Designed to be operated as a stand-alone discussion system or integrated with other equipment as part of an overall meeting room solution, the ATUC-50 and its future-proof upgrade capability allows the system to grow with customer application needs.


For customized installations, the ATUC-50IU Integration Unit allows for discrete, under-table mounting and gives installers flexibility to choose inputs and outputs best suited for a particular installation.

Equipped with euroblock connectors, the ATUC-50IU can support external connections for:

  • Microphone
  • Local speaker
  • Headphone output
  • LED status indicators
  • GPI and GPO control
  • Control inputs including channel, volume, talk-on, and mute

Additionally, two RJ45 ports allow the ATUC-50IU* to connect seamlessly to other discussion system components.

For more information on the ATUC-50 Digital Discussion System, watch our comprehensive video below.

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*Requires ATUC-50CU firmware 1.6.0 or higher


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