Team KaLiBeR Takes A-T on the Road to MLG X Games Invitational

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The X Games broke important barriers this June by welcoming an invitational gaming tournament for Call of Duty: Ghosts. For the first time in X Games history, participants other than extreme sports athletes walked away from the tournament with X Games medals. Video games have been popular since their invention, but this is the first time the prestigious X Games has recognized their merit as a competitive sport. Our friends Team Kaliber were on hand to participate in the action.

Team KaLiBeR is a competitive e-sports organization that formed in 2013, founded by several prominent members of the Call of Duty gaming community. Since their inception last year, Team Kaliber has ranked among the top Call of Duty teams at many widely recognized e-sporting events in both Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Call of Duty: Ghosts. This year, Team Kaliber took the silver medal at the X Games, the first silver X Games medal ever awarded for gaming, after a hard battle against OpTic Gaming.

The “Gaming Shack,” the large white tent that housed the Call of Duty battle during X Games weekend, was flooded with exuberant fans who turned up to watch their heroes duke it out. Many waited in line for autographs from their favorite gamers after each bout, just like fans of any other sport would. Though a gaming competition was a first at this year’s X Games, we’ll likely see more and more of these gaming tournaments as the next generation of gamers takes the landscape e-sports to new heights.

In the ultra-competitive world of e-sports, communication is key. Call of Duty simulates wartime battle planning and execution, and that means crystal-clear conversation among teammates is a must. We’re glad Team Kaliber relies on the ATH-AG1 and ATH-ADG1 pro-quality gaming headsets to guarantee crucial communication lines stay open, the stereo image stays true, and the explosions sound life-like. With Audio-Technica gaming headsets, it’s not just a game, it’s an alternate reality. We’re proud of Team KaLiBeR, and we’re excited to see what they do next. Check out the Team Kaliber newsfeed for information on their upcoming competitions.

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