Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up the AT-LP60XHP Turntable?

Audio Solutions Question Of The Week: How Do I Set Up The AT-LP60XHP Turntable?

Question: How do I set up the AT-LP60XHP turntable? Answer: Proper setup of the AT-LP60XHP will ensure that the turntable will perform to its full potential. Please note that if the belt is not placed properly on this turntable, the… Continue Reading

The Technology Behind the ATH-DSR7BT & ATH-DSR9BT Headphones

wireless headphones

Audio-Technica’s Digital Sound Reality series of headphones seeks to deliver an exceptional sound experience that redefines the benchmark of wireless listening, establishing a level of sound purity that has not, until now, been available in the world of wireless headphones.… Continue Reading