Fred Ginsburg: Q&A With a Hollywood Sound Pro – Part 1

A skilled Hollywood sound acquisition specialist who worked on classic television shows like St. Elsewhere and films including Platoon and Used Cars, Fred Ginsburg uses his professional experience as a Production Sound Mixer and Sound Designer to refashion the educational… Continue Reading

Santa Claus Came Early this Year: Courtesy of Audio-Technica


To help celebrate this especially festive time of year, we held a holiday giveaway featuring Santa’s #ATWishList. We racked our brains trying to come up with the A-T products all of you would want to win. But then we thought,… Continue Reading

The Mark of a Golden Era: Studio Sound


A-T’s entry into the studio microphones marketplace ushered in what we like to call our “golden era,” which took place from 1988-1998. The microphones of the “golden era” helped to harvest some of our most important endorsements from major record… Continue Reading

The Heart and Soul of Audio-Technica: Live Sound

A-T Microphone

In the mid ’70s Audio-Technica began to explore the world of Live Sound. At first, A-T’s Live Sound microphones targeted performing musicians looking for high quality and great value. We had entered a very competitive market where companies with established… Continue Reading

Audio-Technica’s Summer Sonic 2014 Interview Part 1: Bruce Danz & “Shirt”

This year at Summer Sonic we got the chance to sit down with legendary sound engineers Bruce Danz and Dave “Shirt” Nicholls We love sharing knowledge from industry veterans, so check out part one of our interview with these guys… Continue Reading

3 Tips for Recording Group Vocals with a Single Mic

Recording Group Vocals with a Single Mic

Using a single mic to record a group of vocalists allows the singers to control their blend and balance more naturally than if they were recorded individually. The result can be a richer, more organic sound. With that in mind,… Continue Reading

Boulevard Pro’s Jim Cioffi on Live Sound Miking

Nailing your live mix is an intricate art that houses many different schools of thought. It can make or break a performer; if your live sound is off, perfect playing can’t save it. And if your live mix is perfect,… Continue Reading

4 Tips for Room Miking Your Drums

Basic Drum Miking: The Room

To continue our series on drum mics and recording drums, we’ll tackle setting up mics for the room. These are the mics that add depth and ambience to the overall sound of the drum kit. The added space these microphones… Continue Reading