The Heart and Soul of Audio-Technica: Live Sound

A-T Microphone

In the mid ’70s Audio-Technica began to explore the world of Live Sound. At first, A-T’s Live Sound microphones targeted performing musicians looking for high quality and great value. We had entered a very competitive market where companies with established… Continue Reading

Boulevard Pro’s Jim Cioffi on Live Sound Miking

Nailing your live mix is an intricate art that houses many different schools of thought. It can make or break a performer; if your live sound is off, perfect playing can’t save it. And if your live mix is perfect,… Continue Reading

The Nerds’ James Garcia on Live Sound Reinforcement

With myriad ways to do live sound setup, it can be very difficult to filter the good advice from the bad advice. Your live sound reinforcement system – or the sum of your microphones, amplifiers, signal processors, and speakers –… Continue Reading