Frank Klepacki Blog Series: Preferences for Recording Drums, Part 2

This is the 18th installment in guest blogger Frank Klepacki’s series on music production. Today Frank shares more of his preferences for recording drums. If you missed Frank’s previous post on this topic, you can read it here. TOMS: AE3000 and… Continue Reading

3 Basic Techniques for Overhead Drum Mic Setup

Overhead Drum Mic Setup

Recording drums is not an exact science because no two sessions are the same. Drums, studio rooms, and microphones vary so much that there’s no single right answer. Today, we’ll look at three simple techniques that can be applied to… Continue Reading

5 Quick Tips for Miking Your Kick Drum

Miking Your Kick Drum

The foundation of a strong drum sound lies in the kick drum. And since drums are the backbone of your instrumentation, the first step to creating a great song is setting up your kick drum microphones properly. We have a… Continue Reading

4 Tips for Room Miking Your Drums

Basic Drum Miking: The Room

To continue our series on drum mics and recording drums, we’ll tackle setting up mics for the room. These are the mics that add depth and ambience to the overall sound of the drum kit. The added space these microphones… Continue Reading

7 Basic Tips for Drum Mic Setup & Recording

Setting up microphones for your drums is a crucial process.  After all, the drums are the backbone of the song. We breakdown the mics we recommend for different parts of the kit piece by piece and also provide some basic… Continue Reading