Lenise Bent on the AT5040 Studio Condenser Microphone

Lenise Bent on the AT5040 Studio Condenser Microphone

The AT5040 condenser mic marks a turning point in condenser design. Its four-diaphragm element provides unparalleled depth, realism and purity of sound. It’s this remarkably high-fidelity performance that’s causing many engineers like Lenise Bent to make the switch to the… Continue Reading

3 Steps to Recording Toms with Drum Mics

Toms can be the most difficult drums in your kit to capture successfully. Details like clear tom sound will really ramp up the quality of your drum mix. The finer points can be the crucial difference between a good track… Continue Reading

4 Tips for Room Miking Your Drums

Basic Drum Miking: The Room

To continue our series on drum mics and recording drums, we’ll tackle setting up mics for the room. These are the mics that add depth and ambience to the overall sound of the drum kit. The added space these microphones… Continue Reading