A Look at our 40 Series Microphones

Award-winning producers, engineers and musicians everywhere have come to rely on Audio-Technica’s 40 Series studio microphones for their superior, dependable performance. They turn to these mics again and again for a sonic consistency that’s hard to find elsewhere. Each of… Continue Reading

3 Tips for Recording Group Vocals with a Single Mic

Recording Group Vocals with a Single Mic

Using a single mic to record a group of vocalists allows the singers to control their blend and balance more naturally than if they were recorded individually. The result can be a richer, more organic sound. With that in mind,… Continue Reading

How to Record Solo Vocals in 4 Steps

Record Solo Vocals in 4 Steps

The human voice is the most complex, most dynamic instrument you will ever record. Lead vocals are the centerpiece of most tracks, though they may be the most difficult to nail in the recording process. Below, you’ll find everything you… Continue Reading

2 Easy Tips for Recording Upright Bass

Upright bass has a complex, dynamic sound. Its broad range of frequencies and timbres make it very tricky to capture accurately, particularly if isolation is an issue. But when you get it right, it provides richness and elegance to your… Continue Reading

Lenise Bent on the AT5040 Studio Condenser Microphone

Lenise Bent on the AT5040 Studio Condenser Microphone

The AT5040 condenser mic marks a turning point in condenser design. Its four-diaphragm element provides unparalleled depth, realism and purity of sound. It’s this remarkably high-fidelity performance that’s causing many engineers like Lenise Bent to make the switch to the… Continue Reading

Steve Lagudi’s Favorite Audio-Technica Microphones

Steve Lagudi

Our accomplished touring FOH and studio engineer friend, Steve Lagudi, is also an occasional A-T guest blogger. He’s tackled several topics, including miking cymbals and channel delay. At this year’s NAMM Show, Steve took some time to talk with us… Continue Reading

4 Tips for Recording Your Snare Drum

The snare drum is the focal point of any drum set. You really have to nail the snare sound, though it may be the trickiest drum to record. In four quick tips, we’ll show you the basics for capturing a… Continue Reading

4 Basic Recording Techniques for Hand Percussion Instruments

Hand percussion can provide just the accent you need to fill out and drive your song. It provides spice and momentum. In many of the greatest rock songs, a good piece of hand percussion provides the perfect addition (look no… Continue Reading

3 Basic Techniques for Recording Electric Bass

Recording Electric Bass

The foundation for any mix is a solid bass. So it’s important to capture all of the instrument’s tone and punch while recording. But what’s the best way to go about this when working with electric bass? While you’ll certainly… Continue Reading

3 Multi-Mic Combinations for Recording Electric Guitar

3 Multi-Mic Combinations

There are several multi-microphone techniques that can help refine your guitar sound while recording.  Here are a few tips to take your sound to the next level.. 1.         Two Dynamic Mics Try positioning two dynamic microphones on one speaker. In… Continue Reading