2 Easy Tips for Recording Upright Bass

Upright bass has a complex, dynamic sound. Its broad range of frequencies and timbres make it very tricky to capture accurately, particularly if isolation is an issue. But when you get it right, it provides richness and elegance to your… Continue Reading

4 Techniques for Recording Acoustic Guitar

Recording Acoustic Guitar

In most forms of popular music, one of the fundamental components is the acoustic guitar. It’s a staple that can provide your track with richness and detail. With a few basic techniques, you can capture a broad range of sounds… Continue Reading

Tips For Recording 4 Latin Percussion Instruments

There are a wide variety of Latin percussion instruments with different tonal qualities. Incorporating the right ones on the right tracks will provide tasteful accents that make your song really pop. Audio-Technica is here to help you with mic selection… Continue Reading

Steve Lagudi’s Favorite Audio-Technica Microphones

Steve Lagudi

Our accomplished touring FOH and studio engineer friend, Steve Lagudi, is also an occasional A-T guest blogger. He’s tackled several topics, including miking cymbals and channel delay. At this year’s NAMM Show, Steve took some time to talk with us… Continue Reading