Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: What Stereo Microphone Techniques Can Be Used With Audio-Technica Microphones? (Part 1: Spaced Pair)

Question: What stereo microphone techniques can be used with Audio-Technica microphones? (Part 1: Spaced Pair) Answer: Stereo microphone techniques were developed when audio recordings transitioned from mono to stereo, and were used to create special sound imaging that more faithfully… Continue Reading

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: What Do I Need To Know About Microphones?

Audio-Technica Microphones

Question: What do I need to know about microphones? Answer: To the casual observer, it might seem like there’s little to consider when selecting and using a microphone. After all, mic operation is pretty straightforward, isn’t it? You talk or… Continue Reading

Exploring Khandroma: Q&A with The Soundwalk Collective

As part of the Rubin Museum’s ongoing Sacred Spaces series, the museum has partnered with the Soundwalk Collective to present Khandroma: Himalayan Wind an exhibit that uses sound to transport visitors to the Himalayan Mountains. We recently had the opportunity… Continue Reading

The History of Audio-Technica’s Installed Sound Microphones

UniPoint Line

Audio-Technica entered the microphone industry in 1978 with the 800 Series, a line of vocal mics for musicians that grew to be quite successful. But in the quickly evolving, competitive audio world, it was only a matter of time before… Continue Reading