Freedom To Perform: Introducing the System 10 Digital Wireless Rebate

Our goal at Audio-Technica is to offer affordable, quality sound equipment that enhances the performance of professional musicians and presenters alike.

Whether you’re playing in a concert hall or presenting in a boardroom, going wireless gives you the freedom to perform as you see fit. And with A-T wireless gear you never have to worry that increasing your freedom will diminish the quality and reliability of your sound.

So go ahead—cut the cord. With our current rebates on System 10, there’s never been a better time to switch to one of the best sounding and most trusted wireless microphone systems.

System 10 Digital Wireless Rebate

Performing musicians and presenters have heard the buzz about our System 10 Digital Wireless system, such as the review from the editors at Performer Magazine:

“A-T now delivers pro quality at indie band prices,” writes Performer Magazine about our wireless microphone system. “It’s one of those things a good singer/performer can easily add to their arsenal without breaking the bank, while getting a high quality sound in the process.”

System 10 Digital Wireless is able to deliver top performance by providing three levels of diversity assurance:

Frequency Diversity

System 10 sends the sound on two separate dynamically allocated frequencies so you get maximum insurance against interference in your sound.

Time Diversity

The system sends the signal through multiple time slots to minimize multipath interference.

Space Diversity

The System 10 Digital Wireless system uses two antennae to maximize the signal reception, producing a cleaner sound.

The Rebate

Purchase your System 10 Digital Wireless between now and December 31, 2013 and receive up to a $50 rebate from A-T.

1 System – $10 Rebate

2 Systems – $25 Rebate

3 System – $50 Rebate

What will you do with your new freedom when you lose the cables and go wireless? Tell us about your stage tactics in the comments below, or on Facebook and Twitter! And keep checking the blog for more sound updates


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