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Every streaming setup is one-of-a-kind and specific to the user, but it’s always helpful to get some advice from the pros. Professional streamers go all out when creating their setups, using the best equipment and technology to perfect their workspace. With thousands – sometimes millions – of followers, streamers have a large audience to answer to when asked about their setup. 

Recently, we caught up with TimTheTatman. Tim has amassed over one million followers on Twitch and over two hundred thousand subscribers on YouTube. We wanted to know what equipment helps him stay focused for when streaming six days a week, so we asked!

gaming setup

Can you describe in detail your streaming setup and the equipment you use?


Sure! I’d say I have a more “simple” setup compared to some streamers, but I have a Razer DeathAdder/BlackWidow Chroma keyboard along with the VERY comfortable Audio-Technica ATH-AG1X headset.


My audio setup is a bit more confusing. I have an Audio-Technica AT2035 mic, which plugs into my Line 6 UX2 mix-amp, which then plugs into my beast of a computer made by CyberPower. I prefer single-PC as opposed to dual-PC setups because it’s just easier for me to troubleshoot any issues.

gaming setup


I only have a dual-monitor setup. I know some streamers do three, four, or more, but for me it’s just easier that way. My main gaming monitor is my BenQ gaming monitor (144 Hz).


Lastly is my chair/desk. I use an UPLIFT desk (premium wood style), which is huge (80″ x 30″) and my chair is a Herman Miller. I went with a more expensive chair because obviously I’m sitting 8 to 10 hours a day and need something that will help my posture in the long run.

What do you think of TimTheTatman’s setup? Let us know in the comments!

[Images courtesy of TimTheTatman]


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