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As you may have heard, we’ve added several professional streamers to the Audio-Technica family. In the past, we sat down with TimTheTatman, Lirik, GoldGlove, and Summit1G to discuss their respective streaming journeys. Here we asked each of the guys to list their favorite top video games and describe a little about them. Check out each of their responses: 

video games

TimTheTatman’s Top Video Games: 

  1. Counter-Strike – even though I’m not playing this as much anymore, back when I was 12 this was all I played. Still has a special spot in my heart.
  2. World of Warcraft – similar to CS, I started playing WoW around 13. Still play it to this day. Crazy how much time invested.
  3. Crash Bandicoot – When I think back to my childhood and gaming, Crash Bandicoot is one of the games that sticks out as something I loved to play and invested a lot of time in.
  4. Final Fantasy 7 – This is another one of those games that growing up I invested SO much time into. I specifically remember getting yelled at by my dad trying to stay up late and play it.
  5. Age of Empires – Another game that sticks when I think back is AoE. I remember playing this game till 2-3 in the morning on a school night. Was never very good at it but always had a blast with it.
  6. Overwatch – As much as I may rage at it…Overwatch is definitely a game that has gripped me. I think this is easily one of my top 10.
  7. Half Life (1,2… and hopefully one day, 3) – Half Life is one of those games that is a classic. Loved playing through it when I was younger and hope a third eventually comes out.
  8. Gears of War – GoW for me was a video game that hooked me emotionally. I felt attached to the characters I was playing as. Still one of my favorite story games I’ve ever played.
  9. Star Wars Jedi-Knight 2 – JK2 was a game I got REALLY good at in a particular setting (it was called CTF/Force only) and I was ‘known’ on my server as one of the best rage defenders in the game. Played it for years and sadly it died out. I’d love to see this come back into the scene. 
  10. Pokemon – Lastly I’d have to say Pokemon. Countless hours on my Gameboy trying to be the very best… still a classic and one of my favorites I played.

Lirik’s Top Video Games:

  1. Counter-Strike 1.6 – Played it for 6 years, arguably my first game I dedicated myself to.
  2. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory – Still one of the best multiplayer experiences to this day.
  3. World of Warcraft – Played for 10 years on and off. So many memories and experiences in this game.

GoldGlove’s Top Video Games:

  1. Gears of War – The first true multiplayer game I played online. Fell in love with playing against other real human players. Gears quickly became my favorite game ever and the game I started content creation with.
  2. DayZ Mod – DayZ Mod was unlike anything I’d played previously. It was the first open world survival sandbox WITH zombies. It was terrifying and amazing all at once. The player interactions and engagements were different than anything I’d played before. 
  3. The Last of Us – Fantastic story, fantastic gameplay, fantastic game. From beginning to end, probably the best single player experience ever. On top of that, the multiplayer was super fun as well.
  4. Heavy Rain – The first pure story driven game I played. The different characters and different outcomes were unlike anything I’d seen. A great story that any gamer should play.
  5. GTA V – I spent so much time playing this game that it has to make the top 5. I bought it on every system, I replayed the story multiple times, and I’m sure I’ve done just about everything there is to do in GTA 5 multiplayer. So many countless hours with friends in that game. One of my favorite of all time. 

Summit1G’s Top Video Games:

  1. Final Fantasy VII – PlayStation 1 
  2. Legend of Dragoon – Playstation 1 
  3. The Last of Us – PlayStation 3/4 
  4. Counter-Strike – PC 
  5. TellTale Walking Dead – PC 
  6. Tales From the Borderlands – PC 
  7. Halo – Xbox

Thanks to TimTheTatman, Lirik, GoldGlove, and Summit1G for taking the time to chat with us. Even with such varied tastes, World of Warcraft, Gears of War, Counter-Strike, The Last of Us, and Final Fantasy VII appear to be some common favorites. What are some of your favorite games?




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