SonicFuel™ CKX Headphones: Take Your Fit Personally

Have you ever bought a pair of in-ear headphones and quickly regretted your purchase because the things kept falling out of your ears?

That all-too-common problem is why we worked to develop an adjustable fit that works for everyone. And you can find our solution on the SonicFuel™ ATH-CKX5iS in-ear headphones. These babies not only deliver the great, natural-sounding audio you’d expect from Audio-Technica, plus an easy-to-use in-line smartphone controller, but they also come with interchangeable eartips and C-tips that guarantee a custom, comfortable fit to keep the tunes flowing even during active use.

In fact, all of our SonicFuel™ CKX in-ear headphones include these multisized silicone eartips (XS, S, M, L) and C-tips (S, M, L). Each pair of headphones comes out of the box fitted with the medium eartips and C-tips, giving you a good middle ground from which to start when finding your perfect fit.

sonic fuel headphonesThe included C-tips and ear bud tips to help you find your fit.

How To Find Your Customized Fit with A-T In-Ear Headphones:

1. Place the headphones with the medium eartips and C-tips in your ears and see how they feel. The eartips should fit snugly into the openings of ear canals in order to provide good sound isolation, but shouldn’t fit so tightly as to be uncomfortable. Likewise, the C-tips should nestle comfortably in the outer ear, hugging the small C-shaped space above the ear canal.

2. Change any of the eartips or C-tips that feel too large or too small, keeping in mind that you may need different sizes for your left and right ears. Both the eartips and C-tips come loose by pulling them straight out from the headphones. Push the new sizes on until they sit firmly in place. The C-tips are marked for left and right ears (e.g., LM and RM for Left Medium and Right Medium) and include a notch in the side to ensure they are aligned properly. The eartips work equally well in either ear.

3. Once you’ve found the proper tips, you’re ready to be filled with SonicFuel™. Enjoy the headphones wherever your active day takes you!

SonicFuel™ Fittings on The Road

sonic fuel fittingsSonicFuel™ Fittings at our CE Week Booth

Audio-Technica showcased several SonicFuel™ CKX in-ear headphone models at 2014’s CES and CE Week, and we took the time at both events to help attendees customize their perfect fit. As those music lovers learned, SonicFuel™ CKX headphones bring optimal sound and optimal fit together for a top-notch audio experience.

So, are you ready to customize your fit? Visit our website and check out our full line of SonicFuel™ headphones.


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