Skip the Tie – Win Headphones for Dad This Father’s Day

When you think of Father’s Day gifts what comes to mind? A new tie, a round of golf, maybe even a nice dinner out. This year, give him something he would really love – a pair of ATH-M70x headphones!

Trust us, your dad will enjoy these headphones way more than a new tie so enter below to win:

ATH-M70x Headphone Giveaway

What could you win? A pair of ATH-M70x Professional Monitor Headphones for your dad!

How to win? All you have to do is follow the directions in the widget below and tell us what song you’d dedicate to your father.

How to improve your luck? You can earn additional contest entries by spreading the word on Twitter and commenting on this blog post on why your dad deserves to win!

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  1. Bad, bad leroy brown because it was one of his favorites.

  2. I’d like to dedicate the song “Piano Man” by Billy Joel to my dad.

  3. I would dedicate “Daddy’s Little Girl” to my dad, since it was the song we danced to at my wedding 🙂

  4. I would dedicate Butterfly Kisses to my dad this Father’s Day because it’s always touched my heart and made me think of him.

  5. I totally dedicate Stairway to Heaven to my dad. His favourite band of all time is Led Zeppelin and growing up in the summers when we still had the truck, we’d go on rides down our town’s back roads and just listen to the classic station. Every time Led Zeppelin came on, he’d go into full head banging, like he was a teen again. If I could repeat back the chorus to him word for word, he’d buy me ice cream. One of those days, this song came on and we did the usual, but after he got me ice cream, he told me that Stairway to Heaven was his favourite song and he never looked happier to be sharing that fact with me. We may not spend as much time together anymore, but! I still enjoy listening to Led Zeppelin on the road whenever the summer heat calls for ice cream.

  6. The song I’d dedicate to my father is Black Dog by Led Zeppelin

  7. I would dedicate One Hell of an Amen to my dad… He battled cancer, and he knew where he was going when it was time to go. He is my hero.

  8. I would dedicate a song Learning To Fly by Pink Floyd to my father on Father’s Day, because he thinks that you can only learn to fly through hard work and stubborness, but forgets that taking a day off and listening to a good piece of music can sometimes skip the learning phase. 🙂

  9. need to think on this…..i will get back to you…

  10. The song I would want to dedicate to my father is “He’s no hero but he’s doing what he can, trying to make me a better man”. By Brian McFadden. The reason my dad deserves to win is because he is always there for me and is guiding me on a better path for a better future, ultimately making me a better man.

  11. I’m going with The Eagle’s “Desperado”
    It was more difficult than I thought it would be to use a song that carried some meaning. Desperado was the first song that my Dad & I both liked, back then we didn’t agree on much! I miss him every day but I’m thankful that he & I had the chance to renew our relationship, do a lot of fishing, and could even listen to the same music without either of our nerves getting frazzled!

  12. My father raised me, he made me be so I won’t be sad if this entry won’t win. I’ll just buy him one that’s it.

  13. I’m a great dad that’s always there for my family any time with love and encouragement.

  14. I would dedicate the song “The Greatest Man I Ever Knew” by Reba McEntire.

  15. Randy Stonehill’s “turning 30” with new lyrics, “turning 60”

  16. I think I would dedicate “Ordinary World” from Green Day, because my dad always supports me and everytime we have a chance, we aren’t part of an ordinary life, in an ordinary world.

  17. I’m not sure which song I would pick, probably some Run DMC or something along those lines because it’s what he likes.

  18. I would dedicate him the song Butterfly Kisses. I miss him so much

  19. I would dedicate “he didnt have to be” to my husband. he stepped up when my boys dad jetted. Hes been their DAD for 10 + years now

  20. My dad’s no longer with us but he would like “Mares Eat Oats.”

  21. Papa Don’t Preach since we used to dance to it all the time

  22. i would dedicate more than a feeling by boston because its a band we both loved listening to together.

  23. my kids would dedicate old MC Donald and i love you to their dad

  24. oh beautiful beautiful brown eyes because that is song I remember hearing him singing when I was little

  25. You are my sunshine would be the one I would dedicate to him!

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