Recording Enthusiasts Gather in Tucson for Annual PotLuckCon

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We kicked off the month of August in Tucson, Arizona, at the annual PotLuckCon and, boy, the whole weekend was a blur of fabulous audio products and information!

PotLuckCon was founded by musician and producer Craig Schumacher. He started the conference as a way to get music creators in one place, every year, to talk about the future of the industry and to get everyone from veteran pros to students collaborating. How could our pro audio team miss this?!

The weekend was packed with interactive workshops, a hands-on exhibit hall and special one-on-one time with the panelists. Plus, the Casita Gear Crawl turned several rooms in the Hilton El Conquistador Resort into mini studios where attendees were able to demo A-T microphones and headphones. It was an invaluable experience to try out the A-T gear with our team right there to answer any questions.

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Among the products on display at our booth in the exhibit hall was the AT5040, our flagship studio condenser microphone, as well as the robust AT4081 ribbon mic and, of course, our M-Series headphones – most of the attendees couldn’t wait to get their hands on the new ATH-M50x studio monitor phones!

The best part of PotLuckCon, though, was meeting up with some of our favorite people in the industry. From Lenise Bent to Charlie Waymire, it was great, as always, to hang with the best of the best.

Interested in next year’s PotLuckCon? Visit them here:



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