Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Install the Belt on my AT-LP60 or AT-LP60-USB Turntable?

Audio-Technica AT-LP60

Q: The platter on my AT-LP60 (or AT-LP60-USB) turntable is not turning. What is wrong?

A: If you have not already done so, make certain the belt is still routed around the gold colored motor pulley and that the belt is taut. The easiest way to check this is to remove the black felt mat from the turntable and rotate the aluminum record platter by hand until one of the large rectangular openings is positioned at the upper left corner of the turntable (at about the 10 o’clock position). Look down into the opening and locate the gold colored motor pulley. Make certain the belt is around the pulley and that the belt is taut. The belt does not go around the white colored post on the right side of the turntable (at about the 2 o’clock position). The belt goes around the gold colored motor pulley and the rim on the underside of the platter only.

 AT-LP60 belt installation

If the belt is off the motor pulley, it is probably off the platter as well. To reinstall the belt, remove the platter from the turntable by placing your thumb and a finger in the two circular holes near the spindle and gently lifting the platter straight up. Turn the platter over so the bottom is facing up, and reinstall the drive belt around the drive rim, which is located about an inch from the platter’s outer edge. Make certain there are no twists in the belt. Reinstall the platter onto the turntable and rotate the platter by hand until one of the large rectangular openings is located at the upper left corner of the turntable (at about the 10 o’clock position). Look down into the opening and locate the gold colored motor pulley. Grab the belt from the inside edge of the rectangular opening and pull it over and around the pulley. Place the black felt mat back on the aluminum record platter.

After verifying that the belt is still around the pulley (or after reinstalling the belt), follow the steps below to reset the turntable’s automatic cycle mechanism, then retry operating it:

  1. Unplug the AC power cord from the AC power source (typically a wall outlet).
  2. Press and release the STOP button.
  3. While holding the tonearm in the tonearm rest with one hand, use your other hand to slowly rotate the aluminum record platter in a clockwise direction for at least 10 full revolutions.
  4. Place a record on the record platter.
  5. Plug the AC power cord back into the AC power source.
  6. Press and release the START button.

Your platter should spin correctly now. But if you’re still having problems, please contact our Audio Solutions Department. We are always happy to help! And be sure to check back next Wednesday for another “Question of Week.”



  1. I have connected my turntable but it plays my 12″ records too fast…

  2. Followed the instructions above but the start/stop button still doesn’t work and the platter is not spinning. I am based in the Philippines so I am using a 110v-220v transformer for the turntable. It worked when I unboxed it but when I used it again, the problems occured….

  3. Hi,
    I just unpacked my turntable, assembled, plugged in- and it’s not working. The outlet is live, and the belt is on correctly. I’m using an adapter as I’m in Australia. Will that make a difference? Also: Is the ‘start’ button meant to stay in?

  4. I followed the instructions to adjust the belt and restart the record player. The record spins for about five seconds then stops. Is this a common issue or could it be a defect!


  5. HI,
    I have same kind of problem.
    The table is not turning at all though the belt is well placed.
    I am using an external converter as I am in France.
    The stop and start button don’t seem efficient …? no reaction at all
    Could you help ?

  6. I did all these steps and my turn table will not turn on. I have called customer support no one answered so I left a message. Still no reply. Is this a joke?

  7. My turntable (lp60) will not even power on. I press start, i manually rotate the table and the tone arm moves accordingly, but it will not turn on it’s own.

  8. I have some problem with my AT-LP60. I followed the instructions to install the belt . The record played for about five seconds then stopped . The table is not turning though the belt is well placed. Please help me to get it working .

  9. I have bought an AT-LP60 and It does not start. I does nothing. I have done all the steps many times but it does not work.

  10. Tried to use my AT-LP60 today, the start button does nothing. It seems to be dead. Tried everything but it does not work.

  11. My start and stop buttons don’t feel like they are engaging anything. this record player used to work. i can press the up/down button and it feels like its engaging something. the disc doesn’t spin either way

  12. The AT LP60 doesn’t work. the table doesn’t spin. nothing. second machine, same result. how could a product be so unreliable???????? Outrageous.

  13. I am trying to replace the belt on my AT LP60, but I can’t get the turntable to come off. It feels solidly attached.

  14. My player slows down constantly! All different vinyl and the tuning is terrible when the speed goes off. Why!?

  15. Hi, my turntable wont stop turning. Is there anyway i can fix this?

  16. Humming noise generating from my Audio Technica LP60 , I have powered tower speakers, they are fine, fine on bluetooth, and other Sources, but when I hook TT into Aux 1 , get a humming noise, tried hooking into Aux 2 , still the same humming noise, when I unplug from TT the noise goes away.. please help!

  17. OK, so I have the same issue. Just unboxed a AudioTechnica SL-L25 and 33-45 light comes on with power button but nothing else. Drive belt in place. Did the unplug and spin the wheel thing. Nothing. So, with so MANY complaints asking the same question, why don’t you post some of the replies from the audio-solutions people??? Seems it would help in this group of questions…no???

    • We appreciate your feedback, Jim! The SL-L25 is a Technics turntable model, so you will need to contact them for product support. Thank you! – A-T USA

  18. Hey! So cool! Your instructions worked! Thank you so much =)

  19. My player sound is way off and I checked the belt and gave it a new needle and it still hasn’t fixed it

  20. This is a common problem. Why is there not a reliable solution for those who have tried this method and not had success?

  21. My problem is the same as mentioned in the numerous problems above. The turntable doesnt move. The belt is in position, adapted in place, but no movement. The Start and the Stop Button seems identical, they dont seem to click on anything….. Please assist. Im from India

  22. Why not post some common resolutions? I’m having same issue with LP60 not powering on. I know I know, I’ll contact Solutions Team but you guys could maybe post a more detailed troubleshooting guide.

  23. We unfortunately have the same issue as many above. Everything is hooked up and plugged in correctly, the belt is in the right place but the turntable does not spin. The start button clicked once but nothing is happening. It seems we are so close yet so, so far.

  24. I have the same problem. Even my replacement unit did not work. It just spinned for 30 seconds then it stopped and did not function again.

  25. Hi, i connected muy turntable into 220 v, and nos ir doesn’t turn on, any suggestions?

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