Q&A: Audio-Technica Catches Up with Jam in the Van

Q&A: Audio-Technica Catches Up with Jam in the Van

Since 2011, Jam in the Van (JITV) has traveled throughout the United States welcoming musicians into its solar-powered mobile recording studio for fun and unique jam sessions. While on the road, JITV stops at a variety of places, from music festivals to historic venues, to record over 250 new sessions each year.

If you’ve seen some of their YouTube videos, you know that Jam in the Van are big fans of A-T audio equipment. The last time we caught up with them, they told us about their favorite microphones. Today, we’re discussing their favorite headphones and places to discover musical talent, plus where JITV will be headed this summer. Read the full interview below!

Can you talk about some of the performers you have recorded this year? 

Q&A: Audio-Technica Catches Up with Jam in the Van

Q&A: Audio-Technica Catches Up with Jam in the Van

Some of our favorite acts from this year are HER (a famous French pop band), Kiana Lede (from MTV’s “Scream”), Ezra Furman, Boogarins, The Motels (1980s pop icons), Mike & The Moon Pies (JITV session featured in Rolling Stone), Stonefield (a group of four Australian sisters playing heavy rock), Mt. Joy, Liza Anne, and Lauren Ruth Ward

Is there anywhere you are looking forward to going this year?

We’re excited to return to Telluride, CO for the Telluride Jazz Festival in August. We’re also excited about Desert Daze Festival. It’ll be our second year there. This year the festival is being held on Lake Perris in California. 

Last time we spoke with you, you told us about your “go-to” microphones. Can you tell us about your “go-to” headphones?

Q&A: Audio-Technica Catches Up with Jam in the Van

Our go-to headphones are the ATH-M50x. Recording in such a small space can be tough, but our M50x headphones keep everything sounding crystal clear so we can pinpoint each track and adjust the mix accordingly. We also love the ATH-E40 for recording interview content on the fly outside the van. 

Are there any other must-haves you swear by on the road? 

Q&A: Audio-Technica Catches Up with Jam in the Van

Traveling in The Van we have to keep it light. Our Audio-Technica PRO 35 microphones are a must-have for traveling on the road. The slim and compact design makes them easy to store and hide on camera. It’s crazy to think you can get such a crisp clean sound from such a small microphone. Constantly impressed by these microphones. 

Where is your favorite place you guys have seen on the road so far?

New Orleans. The music, the food… you can’t beat it. Over the course of a week we pulled up outside different venues, like the House of Blues and Kermit Ruffins’ bar, and recorded over 30 bands. That town is special. We’re planning on spending a lot more time there in the future, wink wink. 

Is there one place where you found the most talent? 

Q&A: Audio-Technica Catches Up with Jam in the Van

SXSW in Austin just has so many artists from so many walks of life. The event has definitely changed over the years from the growth, but the talent hasn’t. No matter what kind of music you dig, you’ll find something for you. 

You now have over 200,000 subscribers on YouTube, how does that feel? 

It’s pretty awesome considering that when we started, YouTube was just a place for people to share videos of their cats. Now it’s the most popular website in the world and we’re proud to own our little corner of it. Here’s to the next 200,000….

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