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We’ve put together a round-up of our most popular “how to” blog posts for those of you that need a little assistance with your newly acquired holiday gifts!

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Setting up the AT-LP120-USB Turntable – Part 1

The AT-LP120-USB Turntable is a professional direct-drive turntable with both analog and USB connection capability, so you can use it with all standard audio equipment or plug it directly into your computer. But make no mistake, this isn’t just a tool to transfer records to MP3s – it’s loaded with all the tools you’d expect from a professional turntable, including adjustable tone arm and pitch control, ½-inch Dual Magnet™ cartridge, three speeds (33/45/78), DJ functionality and more.

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Setting up the AT-LP120-USB Turntable – Part 2

In Part 1, we told you how to install the headshell and counterweight, and how to balance the tone arm. Now it’s time to set the stylus tracking force. Setting the force properly will keep the stylus from skipping out of the record groove at especially dynamic musical passages (too little force) and prevent excessive wear to stylus and records (too much force).

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How Do I Install the Belt on my AT-LP60 or AT-LP60-USB Turntable?

If you have not already done so, make certain the belt is still routed around the gold colored motor pulley and that the belt is taut. The easiest way to check this is to remove the black felt mat from the turntable and rotate the aluminum record platter by hand until one of the large rectangular openings is positioned at the upper left corner of the turntable (at about the 10 o’clock position).

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How Do I Install the Battery in the ATR3350iS lavalier microphone?

The ATR3350iS lav microphone uses an LR44 button style battery. A battery is included with the purchase of the microphone, but it must be installed before the microphone can be used.

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How Do I Use my ATR3350iS on my Computer?

Most Windows-based computers have separate microphone and headphone inputs, allowing you to plug a microphone, such as the ATR3350iS, directly into the 3.5 mm (1/8″) mic-level input. This setup will utilize the computer’s internal sound card. Volume, balance, and other microphone settings will be based on the sound card you have installed and the driver and software that are designed for that sound card.

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How Do I Use my AT2020 Microphone to Record Into a Computer?

You will want to make certain you have the proper setup to ensure that all of your equipment is compatible. The AT2020 is a side-address studio microphone that utilizes a standard XLR output. Also, it is a condenser microphone that, as discussed in our Condenser Microphone Question of the Week, requires phantom power to operate. So you will need to use an adapter to connect the mic to your computer. Most XLR to USB cables and adapters won’t work since they don’t, generally, provide the phantom power needed.

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Can I Use my Microphone with an IOS or Android Device?

As we often say, the answer to so many questions in the audio world is “It depends.” And that’s the short (and, perhaps, not very satisfactory) answer here as well. The reason it depends is that although 3.5 mm (⅛”) microphone connections are the same size, the connections themselves are not created equal.

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Have a question about your Audio-Technica products that hasn’t been answered in one of the above blog posts? Drop us a comment below, or reach out to our Audio Solutions team for help. At Audio-Technica, we’re Always Listening and ready to help you get the most out of your audio gear!


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