PAX West 2019 Recap: The Audio-Technica Booth

PAX West 2019 Recap_ The Audio-Technica Booth

We at Audio-Technica look forward to PAX West at the end of every summer, and this year was especially exciting for us following the release of our two newest gaming headsets, the ATH-G1 and ATH-G1WL. In addition to these gaming headsets, A-T had a wide range of streaming/podcasting microphone packages, headphones, and other gaming-friendly products showcased on-site at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, and attendees had a blast testing them all out while at the show. Continue reading for our full show recap!

Gamer Gadgets

PAX West 2019 Recap: The Audio-Technica Booth

Proudly on display for the first time at PAX in the A-T booth were the brand new wired ATH-G1 and wireless ATH-G1WL gaming headsets. Designed with gamers’ needs in mind, each headset is equipped with large-diameter 45 mm drivers and a detachable boom mic to hear and be heard by fellow gamers clearly without any pickup of ambient noise, such as a keyboard. The headsets are also lightweight and durable, so users can game for hours comfortably. The wired ATH-G1 is compatible with computers, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and any platform with a 3.5 mm headset connector, while the wireless ATH-G1WL can be paired with laptops, PCs, and Macs.

PAX West 2019 Recap: The Audio-Technica Booth

With the increasing popularity of eSports, streaming, and playing with friends online, having a superior headset can make or break your gaming experience! Also on display in the A-T booth included the ATH-AG1x and open-air ATH-ADG1x, which both feature 53 mm large-diameter drivers and gooseneck microphones to capture gamers’ virtual environments as clearly as possible.

PAX West 2019 Recap: The Audio-Technica Booth

Although the BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset wasn’t designed specifically to be used for gaming, its closed-back design, gooseneck mic, and crystal-clear audio reproduction also makes it an excellent choice for gamers. Lastly, for gamers who already own headphones such as the ATH-M50x, but are looking to transform them into a gaming headset, the ATGM2 detachable boom microphone is the perfect choice to easily attach to any pair of headphones.

Stream On

PAX West 2019 Recap: The Audio-Technica Booth

For gamers who double as content creators, such as our streamer friends TimtheTatMan, Lirik, and more, the A-T booth had a dedicated table for streaming/podcasting packages! Each package that was on display includes a mic, adjustable boom arm, headphones, cables, and accessories, with four different bundles available: the AT2035PK, AT2020USB+PK, AT2020PK, and the AT2005USBPK.

Headphones Outside the Game

Attendees were able to check out other great headphone in the A-T booth, like the new QuietPoint® ATH-ANC500BT headphones. Offering 40 mm ANC (active noise cancellation) circuitry, and up to 20 hours of use on a full charge, these headphones combine high quality audio with cord-free convenience and superior value.

PAX West 2019 Recap: The Audio-Technica Booth

The A-T booth also featured fan favorite headphones such as the ATH-M50xBT, ATH-M50x, ATH-SR30BT, ATH-ANC100BT, ATH-SPORT50BT and the ATH-M40x.

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What’s your favorite piece of gaming equipment that was on display in the A-T booth at PAX West 2019?


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