Our Favorite #FanPhotoFriday Picks, Volume 3

Our Favorite #FanPhotoFriday Picks, Volume 3

If you’ve ever tagged A-T in your Instagram photos, you’ve been in the running for a #FanPhotoFriday feature. Each week, we share a fan photo that captured A-T headphones, turntables, microphones and other audio gear in a unique way. From professional musicians and audiophiles to gamers and music lovers, we receive tags from talented A-T fans throughout the world!

We truly appreciate every #AudioTechnica tag we receive and love looking through all your amazing photos. As a token of our appreciation, we’d like to give a shout-out to five of the #FanPhotoFriday pictures we shared on our Instagram account this year. Keep reading to see the photos, and check out our previous roundups:

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A-T fan Rahul took his music on-the-go with his ATH-CLR100iS headphones:


Instagrammer @jayson_hinrichsen captured recorder and mixer Anthony experiencing the telekinetic effects of the AT4050 microphone:


Berdena’s café captured Carter getting some work done with his ATH-M50xBL headphones:


Instagrammer @jokkeliik used his ATH-M40x headphones to block out sounds in the office and keep his focus:


Nashville recording studio Hey World Productions used A-T headphones for playback and mixing:

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  2. Upload your photo to Instagram, tag @AudioTechnicaUSA in the photo, and use the hashtag #AudioTechnica.
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