New Wood Audiophile Headphones: ATH-AWKT and ATH-AWAS

New Wood Audiophile Headphones: ATH-AWKT and ATH-AWAS

Looking for high-performance, Hi-Res Audio headphones? A-T’s new over-ear ATH-AWKT and ATH-AWAS audiophile headphones combine beautifully crafted woods with superb sound quality.

The ATH-AWKT Audiophile Closed-back Dynamic Wooden Headphones feature housings made from prized Kokutan (striped ebony) hardwood and are handcrafted at our factory based in Tokyo. Long used for woodwind instruments and pianos, Kokutan is distinguished by its attractive black and brown stripes, and the housings have a hand-applied semi-gloss finish that brings out the wood’s natural beauty. In addition, the high density of the Kokutan wood suppresses unwanted resonances to contribute to the headphones’ clear, natural sound.

The ATH-AWKT combines its refined audio performance with total comfort, thanks to its natural sheep leather earpads and headband, and magnesium-alloy earcup arms that are angled to provide a comfortable fit as well as the best-possible earcup seal.

The ATH-AWAS Audiophile Closed-back Dynamic Wooden Headphones are made with rare Asada Zakura (Ostrya Japonica, a type of ironwood) renowned for its use in high-end loudspeakers because of its beauty, durability, and ability to limit unwanted resonances. The Asada Zakura wood’s red coloration is enhanced by the headphones’ hand-applied semi-gloss finish.

The arms that hold the housings of both headphones are made from a lightweight, highly rigid magnesium alloy. The arms are angled to provide the best possible fit with excellent earcup seal.

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