NAMM 2016: Showing Off Our Newest Pro Audio Gear

With another successful CES in the books, there’s no time to rest on our laurels. We’re already on site at one of the biggest pro audio events of the year: the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Show.

The latest pro audio technology will be on display as artists, music industry professionals and more descend on Anaheim, CA from January 21-24. We have several big announcements lined up for the show, including new additions to our professional monitoring headphone and microphone lines.

Read on as Audio-Technica Marketing Director, Gary Boss walks us through A-T’s latest pro audio gear.

New Audio-Technica Pro Audio Products

Audio-Technica: Thanks for taking a moment to sit down with us, Gary! What type of pro audio offerings can we expect to see on display at NAMM?

Gary Boss: We have four big announcements we think will really get the industry excited. The new products really fill some gaps in A-T’s lineup of microphones and studio headphones.

A-T: Speaking of headphones, we’ve heard rumors that a new ATH-M50x may debut this year. What can you tell us?

Gary: You’ll be happy to hear the rumors are true! We’re expanding our M50x offerings with the ATH-M50xMG, which features a new Matte Gray color scheme. These new cans are truly limited edition and won’t be around forever. So if you’re looking for something beyond our classic black and white M50x you’ll need to act fast.


A-T: Can’t wait to get our hands on a pair! When will the ATH-M50xMG hit the streets?

Gary: Expect them to go on sale shortly after we wrap up here at NAMM.

A-T: Are there any other headphone announcements?

Gary: We’re actually unveiling our first-ever line of in-ear monitor headphones this year. Dubbed the E-Series, these headphones will complete our offerings of professional headphones, along with the M-Series for closed-back and R-Series for open-back.

A-T: How many new models can we expect at launch?

Gary: We’ve designed three models, each aimed at fulfilling the unique needs of serious audio pros and musicians. The ATH-E40 were designed for performing musicians,ATH-E70 Headphones our dual phase push-pull driver design allows the E40 to convey the full emotion of the music, on and off the stage.

For musicians and producers who are always on the road we designed the ATH-E50, featuring powerful single balanced armature drivers These headphones truly excel at providing a consistent reference in nearly any environment, so they’re also great for mixing.

Finally, our flagship model is the ATH-E70. These headphones are aimed at professionals who demand nothing but the best. There are really no limits with the E70, they can be used to monitor on stage or even mixing in the studio. We upped the ante by including three balanced armature drivers, which provide accurate and extended response across the entire frequency range.

A-T: Producers are often plugged in for hours at a time while mixing. Will these headphones provide the same comfort of the M-Series and R-Series?

Gary: Ears are kind of like snowflakes they’re all different! That’s why all three models feature a flexible memory cable, which provides a truly custom fit. Once you loop it over your ear it will form to your unique shape, so marathon sessions shouldn’t be a problem. The E40 and E50 come with silicone eartips in a variety of sizes, so everyone can find their best fit. The E70 features the silicone tips, but takes things to a new level with additional Comply TM foam eartips. The foam tips create a great seal in the ear, allowing you to hear the music and nothing else. I’m really excited to hear what everyone thinks about the E-Series when they go on sale in March.

A-T: Let’s discuss A-T’s new microphones. You mentioned that these new offerings would fill some gaps, can you elaborate?ATM230 Microphone

Gary: Sure! Our first new mic, the ATM230, is something drummers have been waiting to see from A-T. A hypercardioid dynamic microphone with a low profile, perfect for miking rack and floor toms. A tighter pattern really helps focus on the sound of the drum, and if positioned correctly you can eliminate bleed. This is a big sounding mic with excellent attack.

A-T: Can drummers outfit their kits with the ATM230 without breaking the bank?

Gary: When it goes on sale in March you’ll have two options for purchasing the ATM230, a single mic or a convenient three pack.

A-T: Tell us about the second new microphone debuting at NAMM.AE2300 Microphone

Gary: We’d determined that our Artist Elite line of microphones was missing a dynamic instrument mic. So, we teamed up with some well-known producers and engineers to develop something we think the most demanding professionals will really enjoy. The AE2300 particularly excels at capturing sound from guitar amps, brass and percussion instruments. This thing is a real knock out.

We’d like to thank Gary for taking the time to talk to us. If you’re attending the NAMM Show make sure to visit us at booth 6740 to get a first hand look at our new gear!

What new product would make the perfect addition to your setup? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @USAudioTechnica.



  1. How much would it cost to outfit a 5 piece drum set with the ATM230

    • Hi David – Our Audio Solutions team can ensure you have the best setup based on what you’re looking to do. You can reach out to them at Thanks! -A-T USA

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