Mic Check: Guide To A-T’s Drum Microphone Bundles

This fall, Audio-Technica returned to the Audio Engineering Society’s Pro Audio convention, debuting a variety of new audio products, including four new microphone bundles geared specifically toward drummers. Each drum mic bundle provides audio solutions for both studio projects and live sound applications. Continue reading to learn about each of the new drum microphone packs.


Mic Check: Guide To A-T’s Drum Microphone Bundles

The PRO-DRUM4 bundle offers drummers four microphones specially designed for drum applications, as each microphone was engineered to pick up the best audio on each individual drum. Included in the bundle are a PRO 25ax hypercardioid dynamic mic for the kick drum, a PRO 63 cardioid dynamic mic for the snare drum, and two PRO 23 cardioid dynamic mics for toms. Each of the mics included is designed for minimum visibility, to keep your drum kit setup streamlined, while still reproducing crystal-clear audio. To complete the bundle, two drum mounts and a carrying case are included for easy setup and storage.


Mic Check: Guide To A-T’s Drum Microphone Bundles

Similar to the PRO-DRUM4 bundle, the PRO-DRUM7 bundle is equipped with a PRO 25ax, PRO 63, and two PRO 23 microphones, as well as two AT2021 condenser microphones for overhead/cymbals. The microphones in this bundle are designed to pick up fast transients and high SPLs. In doing so, the microphones reproduce smooth and consistent audio from their off-axis rejection capabilities. This bundle similarly comes with three drum mounts and clamps for each microphone, to ensure the best possible setup.


Mic Check: Guide To A-T’s Drum Microphone Bundles

The ATM-DRUM4 bundle comes complete with one ATM250 and one ATM650 hypercardioid dynamic microphone, which are best suited for kick/snare drums, as well as two ATM450 cardioid condenser microphones for overhead/cymbals use. Each of the four microphones in this bundle is designed to reproduce the highest quality audio. The bundle also comes with clamps for each of the mics and a carrying case to make bringing the bundle on the road hassle-free.


Mic Check: Guide To A-T’s Drum Microphone Bundles

The ATM-DRUM7 pack offers drummers the ultimate collection of microphone products. In addition to the products in the ATM-DRUM4 bundle, the ATM-DRUM7 includes three ATM230 hypercardioid dynamic microphones, specially designed for toms. Whether being used for live performances or recording in the studio, the ATM-DRUM7 is the complete package to reproduce crystal-clear audio from each instrument in your drum kit. The bundle additionally includes a clamp for each individual microphone, four 5/8″-27 to 3/8″-16 threaded adapters, and a case for convenience on-the-go.

Which bundle includes your favorite equipment for drumming?


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