Meet the Newest Addition to Our Family: #ATMicMan

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 9.24.49 AMLooking for a friend for your next concert? Even if you have a big crowd, there’s probably room for #ATMicMan. He tends to get in for free, too.

In all seriousness, Audio-Technica wants to see where you’re going this summer (and what you’re hearing when you get there). It’s a simple process: just print out a copy of #ATMicMan, take him with you and snap a photo of him at your destination.

Take Your Own #ATMicMan  On Your Next Soundsational Adventure

Take a picture of your #ATMicMan wherever you may roam. It can be a selfie of you and #ATMicMan, a photo of #ATMicMan with a group of your friends or a shot of #ATMicMan alone in your chosen location. We just want to make sure he has a lot of fun travels.

Maybe you’re playing a gig. We’d love to see the #ATMicMan make his onstage debut. Maybe he’ll hang out on the front of a kick drum or share the microphone with a front man. Maybe you’re more of the take-a-hike-with-an-acoustic-guitar type. #ATMicMan would look great beside a pristine lake in an idyllic mountain setting with you next to him playing your favorite John Denver tune. Even if your destination isn’t music-related, go ahead and take #ATMicMan along – he just wants to get out and about.

Share your pics with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with hashtag #ATMicMan. He’s versatile – willing to follow you just about anywhere you go. He doesn’t do well in water, though, unless of course, you laminate him.

Have fun with A-T’s newest friend and be sure to check out where other fans are taking him by following #ATMicMan!



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