Life of a Twitch Streamer: Q&A with GoldGlove

Life of a Twitch Streamer: Q&A with GoldGlove

GoldGlove is known worldwide for his livestreams on Twitch, and has amassed millions of followers across his social platforms, including his prominent YouTube channel. We had a chance to ask the A-T sponsored Twitch streamer a few questions and learn more about what games are on his radar, the equipment he can’t live without, and the tips he has for gamers looking to grow a community of their own. Read the full interview with GoldGlove below!

Interview with Twitch Streamer GoldGlove

What is your favorite part about streaming full-time?

Definitely having that consistent community to just hang/play games with. It’s like having a huge group of friends with all the same interests as you and you’re all chillin’ in the living room playing some games together. 

How do you choose what games you play?

Honestly, I’m a firm believer in trying any/all games. Never know when something will snag your attention and you’ll find that next addiction. (I’m looking at you Slay the Spire)

Are there any new games coming out this year that you are excited about?

This year should be pretty amazing for upcoming games. We have Cyber Punk, The Last of Us 2, Resident Evil 3 remake, & tons more on the way. I’m down for any & all new adventures.

How would you describe your Twitch community?

My Twitch community is pretty unique. I’ve been around for over 10+ years on Twitch and I feel like over that span we’ve definitely created a very tight knit & close community. We’re more like a lil family who loves to give each other consistent crap but at the end of the day, it’s all love.

If you could only pick one piece of audio equipment for streaming, what would it be and why?

Life of a Twitch Streamer: Q&A with GoldGlove

Been in love with the AT2035 mic for years now. Still my go-to. Can’t imagine streaming without it.

What are some ways you grew your Twitch channel?

Consistency is EVERYTHING. When another streamer goes offline, viewers look for someone else to watch. If you’re consistently the one they land on, you’re likely to retain them as a viewer. They get to know you better and they decide whether or not you’re someone they wanna hang with. Just have to stick with it and stream like someone is watching at all times.

What’s the #1 tip you would give to new streamers?

Try to be original. Don’t copy another streamer. Be yourself. Create an environment that you would enjoy being a part of and other people probably will too!

What is the most rewarding thing when it comes to streaming?

The most rewarding thing about streaming is hearing the stories of impact you’ve made in people’s lives. Even if it’s just a simple, “hey man, I really needed a laugh today. Thanks” – Just knowing that the stream has helped anyone in any capacity is a great feeling. That’s why I’m here. Even if it’s just to take someone’s mind off a crummy day for a few minutes.

Can you tell us one surprising thing about yourself that your Twitch community would never guess?

I’ve never broken a bone- oh, wait.

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