Life of a Twitch Streamer: Q&A with FemSteph

Life of a Twitch Streamer: Q&A with FemSteph

For the past five years, FemSteph has been a professional gamer, streamer, and Twitch partner. With over 245,000 followers on the world’s leading live streaming platform, and an active community on both YouTube and Twitter, FemSteph has built a rooted reputation with fellow gamers. We recently caught up with our sponsored Twitch streamer to find out what it is like to chat and interact with viewers, learn about her go-to audio equipment for gaming, and see what advice she has for new streamers. Read the full interview with FemSteph below!

Interview with Twitch Streamer FemSteph

What is your favorite part about streaming full-time?

I get to play video games every day for a living. What? That’s kind of insane.

How do you choose what games you play?

I honestly feel super lucky to have a community that supports me no matter what game I play, so I usually just play whatever I’m in the mood for. I get really sucked into online shooters and play all the new big single-player games. I’m also a sucker for an amazing puzzle game.

Are there any new games coming out this year that you are excited about?

My absolute most anticipated games for 2020 are Cyberpunk 2077 and The Last of Us 2! I’m excited to see how Cyberpunk will push the envelope with what we can expect in immersive world building and I am so in love with the characters and story that The Last of Us franchise delivers.

How would you describe your Twitch community?

My community is collection of a bunch of smart and witty people with more attitude that I know what to do with. They definitely keep me on my toes, but are also super generous and supportive. They always show up when I need them most.

If you could only pick one piece of audio equipment for streaming, what would it be and why?

Life of a Twitch Streamer: Q&A with FemSteph

I would have to say my Audio-Technica ATH-M50x headset. I’ve been wearing these babies way before I had the opportunity to become an Audio-Technica partner and the reason I fell in love with them is because they are so comfortable. When you stream for 8-12 hours a night, an uncomfortable headset can be miserable. Your ears start hurting from the pressure from the cups, or the top of your head starts aching from the headband. The M50xs fit around my ears nicely and I’ve never had any of the discomfort. Plus, the sound quality is awesome.

What are some ways you grew your Twitch channel?      

I’ve been lucky enough to participate in a lot of community driven events for games, like Fortnite Skirmishes, Twitch Rivals, and Charity streams. Being able to participate with larger audiences outside my own community can be a really great opportunity for growth.

What’s the #1 tip you would give to new streamers?              

Don’t be so hard on yourself and manage your expectations. Livestreaming is an incredibly tough job, and because the platforms are so oversaturated, it can be really hard to break out and see the amount of success you’re looking for. Stay consistent, work on ways to interact with your community and have fun. Seriously, if you’re having a great time, your community will feed off that energy and reciprocate it back!

What is the most rewarding thing when it comes to streaming?     

I’ve met a lot of my absolute most favorite people through streaming, and even if I were to stop being a streamer tomorrow, these friends have become more like a family to me. I would never have met them otherwise, and that alone makes me grateful to be able to do what I do.

Can you tell us one surprising thing about yourself that your Twitch community would never guess?

I’m allergic to apples. And peaches. And plums, cherries, celery, and many more foods.

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