How to Take Great Sound Back to School

Fall is on the horizon and students are heading back to school, ready to study hard. But when it’s time to relax, listening to music is an integral part of student life.

This semester, get the best back-to-school gear for enjoying student life, whether in the dorm, at the gym or when you’re hitting the books. If you’re not going back to school, the fall air might still inspire you to freshen up your home, office or other workspace and end the year on a good note. Could it be time to finally get that new turntable you’ve been eyeing all summer?

Check out our gear guide below to get started:

For the Bookworm

In the dorm or in the library, every student needs some peace and quiet soQuietPoint® ATH-ANC70 metimes, and the QuietPoint® ATH-ANC70 provides up to 90% noise cancellation.

Whether you’re drowning out your roommate’s gaming marathons or studying hard for a final exam, you’ll be able to answer calls and control your music with ease thanks to the included mic and controller. The headphones’ comfort-fit design ensures hours of listening pleasure.

In addition to noise cancellation, the ATH-ANC70 offers superior audio quality, delivering clear, detailed sound with impactful bass and precise imaging in an immersive sound field. A detachable cord enables the ATH-ANC70 to be used without audio as a pair of cord-free, noise-cancelling headphones perfect for those marathon study sessions.

For the Student on the Go

For students who prefer in-ear headphones, the QuietPoint® ATH-ANC33iS also provides QuietPoint® ATH-ANC33iS up to 90% noise-cancellation and outstanding sound. Stay connected with smartphone compatibility and enjoy the comfort of Comply™ Foam Tips, made out of special memory foam that expands to fit in the ear canal and provide superior sound isolation.

The in-ear headphones are perfect for maintaining focus while on the job at your internship, for commuting, or for bringing a small pair of headphones to the library.

For the Gym Rat

Student athletes will be sure to enjoy the SonicSport® active-fit models that are both ATH-SPORT1iS in-ear headphonessweatproof and washable with an IPX5-lab-certified rating. The ATH-SPORT1iS in-ear headphones are designed to fit perfectly and stay in place even during intense workouts. They work with smartphones and are available in black, red, pink and navy/yellow to fit any style. The hinged ear hook pivots to provide an adjustable fit around the ears for secure, long-lasting comfort, allowing you to go from the gym to class without having to switch out your headphones.

The ATH-SPORT1iS also comes equipped with both standard silicone eartips for sound isolation and ridged eartips that allow you to hear ambient noise like traffic when using outdoors – perfect for the outdoor campus athlete. Also available are the SonicSport ATH-SPORT2 in-ear headphones with ergonomically designed earpieces that mirror the hollow of the ear, and ATH-SPORT3 in-ear headphones with flexible memory cables that bend to loop over the wearer’s ears for a custom fit.

SonicSport Headphones

For the Free Spirit

Old is new again, thanks to the recent resurgence of vinyl records. Bring the timeless sound of vinyl to your dorm with the AT-LP60 turntable in classic silver or striking blue and red finishes.

The AT-LP60 is a fully automatic, belt-drive turntable that comes equipped with everything you need to connect directly to a computer, stereo or other audio component. A turntable not only gives you a way to listen to vinyl, but also serves as a great conversation piece in any dorm room and is a must for any student audiophile!

AT-LP60 turntable

With these back-to-school essentials your favorite student will be well-equipped for work and play. How else are you gaining inspiration this fall? Comment below!


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  1. I think that headphones are pretty important. I know that I listen to music almost all day between my classes. It also helps to avoid having any sort of distractions while in the hall. I can focus on my work and not have to worry about anything else.

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