Exploring our ATM350a Instrument Microphone Systems

For over 50 years musicians have trusted our microphones to help them capture the best sound, on the stage and in the studio. That tradition continues with the new ATM350a Microphone Systems, introduced earlier this year at the 141st AES Convention in Los Angeles.

Improving upon the classic ATM350, this updated model offers mounting solutions for nearly every instrument imaginable. The microphone has also been reengineered to provide the highest quality performance possible, even at high SPLs. To put it simply, we’ve got you covered – no matter where or how you play.

Read on as we explore each distinct ATM350a mounting system.

ATM350U – Universal Mounting System (Short)ATM350U – Universal Mounting System (Short)

A 5” gooseneck and universal clip-on mount make this model ideal for brass and sax players, however it’s versatile enough to work with nearly any instrument. Securely fasten the mount to your instrument or other surface with rubber-lined clamping jaws and a locking screw. The socket screw locks the gooseneck to the mount, giving you the flexibility to position the microphone exactly where you want and the confidence to play freely, knowing the mic will stay in place. Also available is the ATM350UcW, which works with Audio-Technica belt-pack wireless systems.


ATM350UL – Universal Mounting System (Long)ATM350UL – Universal Mounting System (Long)

Similar to the ATM305U, this model features the same adjustable clip-on mount but with a 9” gooseneck. Perfect for those who prefer to position their microphone farther away from their instrument, or those playing the tuba and other big-belled instruments.


ATM350PL – Piano Mounting System

ATM350PL – Piano Mounting System This system features a unique magnetic mount, which easily attaches to the cast iron frame of a piano. The mount can be set up vertically or horizontally, allowing you to position the mic precisely where you want it. The base of the mount is lined with felt to prevent damage to your piano.


ATM350D – Drum Mounting System

Drummers rejoice! Our new drum mounting system is specially designed to withstand even the most intense drumming. ATM350D – Drum Mounting SystemA spring-loaded mount clamps onto a tension rod, however, the ability to adjust the tension rod is not hindered. The clamp was designed to allow for users to tune the drums with it in place. This functionality is particularly useful to traveling musicians, who can just remove the microphone and gooseneck while leaving the clamp in place when packing up their kit. A sturdy 5” gooseneck keeps the microphone in place, no matter how hard you play.


ATM350W – Woodwind Mounting System

This mount features an adjustable hook-and-loop strap, allowing for it to be easily attached above the bell of your woodwind. Damping of the instrument’s resonance is minimized thanks to specially designed ATM350W – Woodwind Mounting Systemcontact points on the mount’s base. A rubber pad keeps the mount in place, ensuring a secure fit throughout your performance. You can adjust your microphone’s proximity to the bell or keys as needed with the included 5” gooseneck.

Whether you’re recording in the studio or playing nightly gigs on tour, ATM350a Microphone Systems can provide convenient mounting solutions and unmatched audio performance. No matter your instrument, the ATM350a has you covered.

What features are most important to you when choosing an instrument mount? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter @USAudioTechnica.



    • Hi there! The mic will function with the AT8539 Power Module as well, but we recommend the intended AT8543 Power Module be used to insure the microphone performs as specified. The AT8543 is a high-SPL type power module and should definitely be the model used when miking high SPL instruments. Thanks! – A-T USA

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