CES 2015: Bringing Great Sound to Las Vegas

Attendees from all over the world show up to see the hottest new tech gadgets – everything from audio equipment and drones to wearables and even stuff like smart planters at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Each year the event seems to get bigger and brighter, and the 2015 show was certainly no exception. We’ve been attending CES for years, with many a successful week under our belts, but this time out we really wanted to do something different. So after many arduous brainstorming sessions and multiple booth mock-ups, we finally reached a decision: What better way to bring in 2015 than with a CES rock climbing wall!

Yeah, we got it done – and here are the pics to prove it. Check out the wall that was turning heads all week:

Audio-Technica Sonic Sport Headphones

Find Your Fit

Along with our climbing wall, we included a treadmill, a bike (both in constant use by our presenters) and a grassy terrain – all to show off our new SonicSport® Headphones and demonstrate how crucial musical motivation can be to a quality workout.

Throughout the show we asked both CES attendees and members of our social media community to tell us about their music and exercise habits. These daily fitness surveys told us a lot about how A-T fans keep themselves motivated to move. Turns out most of you love to go running while rocking out to your favorite bands on Spotify.

Sonic Sport Headphones

Getting Social

As a result of our CES presence, we got some memorable shout-outs from a few loyal fans:

audio-technica instagram


audio-technica instagram


 audio-technica social mediaaudio-technica twitter

In addition to the debut of the SonicSport® in-ear headphones, new to CES 2015 were the ATH-MSR7 SonicPro® High-Resolution Audio Headphones and two Premium Gaming Headsets (the open-air ATH-PDG1 and the closed-back ATH-PG1).

CES 2015 was a huge success, and we’re excited to see what CES 2016 will have in store!

Did you have an opportunity to stop by our booth at CES 2015? What was your most memorable moment? Tell us in the comments below!



  1. I was gifted the AT-LP120-USB for Christmas last year. we Have finally set it up for usage. upon opening the slip mat was not included in the packaging. I returned to the store where it was purchased and they gave me some cheap felt slip mat. I don’t think this is acceptable. Can you do anything about this? i will use this mat unless it doesn’t work. I have an old turntable. A Tecnics SL-B2 that i will use the mat from.



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