Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the AT4050 Microphone at AES 2019

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the AT4050 Microphone at AES 2019

Released in 1994, the
AT4050 multi-pattern condenser microphone has since grown to become a go-to tool for professional and aspiring recording engineers worldwide. This year, we are excited to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the AT4050 at the 2019 Audio Engineering Society (AES) NYC show,a convention dedicated to professional audio equipment. Continue reading to learn more about the history of the AT4050 and the microphone’s impact on the industry.

I tried it (the 4050) out and instantly fell in love with it.Alan Parsons

Paving the Way with the AT4033

Introduced in 1991, “the 4033 microphone started a revolution,” said Ken Reichel, Former A-T U.S. Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. The AT4033 was the first high-quality microphone of its kind retailing for under $1,000. Similar quality microphones on the market were retailing for almost double the price, so the AT4033 quickly made a name for itself in the music space. Legendary producer Phil Ramone (who worked with artists such as Frank Sinatra, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, and Billy Joel) was one of the first fans of the AT4033, gladly introducing it at AES in 1991. Shortly after, other leading producers quickly grew fond of the microphone and the 40 Series became one of A-T’s greatest contributions to the recording industry.  

Introducing the AT4050

Three years later, A-T introduced the AT4033 microphone’ssuccessor, the AT4050. The buzz about the AT4050 microphone grew rapidly throughout the industry. Capturing every nuance, the studio condenser microphone’s consistency and durability has made the AT4050 a microphone of choice for engineers around the world.

Equipped with three switchable polar patterns, the large-diaphragm AT4050 has high-SPL capability with transparent and airy uppers/mids in addition to rich low-end qualities. The microphone’s dual large diaphragms are gold-vaporized and aged to deliver the highest quality performance with every use. The AT4050 also offers stability and sensitivity due to its precision-machined, nickel-plated brass acoustic element baffle.

“You name it, these mics hold up!” David Reitzas

While the microphone was originally designed for studio use, the AT4050’s consistency and durability has made it a superior choice for live recordings and performances. on the band’s guitar cabinets The AT4050 continues to be an excellent choice for live performances featuring vocals, piano, strings, drum overheads, guitar amps, and more.

Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the AT4050 Microphone at AES 2019

AT4050 Alan Parsons Ad Released in 1994

AT4050 on Display at AES 2019

A-T believed there is no better place to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the AT4050 than at AES NY, a show dedicated to the industry’s best professional audio equipment! Our team will be on-site during both days of the show to display a wide variety of equipment. Although the AT4050 will be our booth’s focal point, other A-T mics, headphones, streaming bundles, and more will be on display for attendees to test and see for themselves! If you’re attending this year’s event, be sure to stop by booth #422.

“In a market flooded by new and updated microphone models, it’s gratifying to have this versatile legacy mic stand the test of time. The AT4050’s sound hasn’t changed for 25 years, and to this day, it remains a first-call studio workhorse.” – Gary Boss, Audio-Technica Marketing Director, Professional Markets

What is your favorite feature of the AT4050 microphone?


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  1. The 4050 is a measurement microphone without the measurement microphone sound. It is usable for anything and for me whatever I record sounds exactly like the source.

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