Celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day with A-T

Here at A-T, helping musicians capture the perfect audio from the studio to the stage is a huge part of what we do. So, there’s no way we could let National Buy a Musical Instrument Day pass us by without celebrating! Today, May 22nd, marks the annual occasion, and we’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your musical instrument today! Whether you’re set to purchase a new guitar, or just want to enhance the sound on your existing beloved drum set, continue reading for our tips to enhance your audio.


Celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day with A-T

Looking to mic your drum set for an upcoming performance or studio recording session? No need to worry, A-T has you covered. Check out our essential guide to drum miking techniques and learn how to mic everything from your basic snare drum and cymbal, to more specialty drumming sets, like a Jazz drum kit.

Looking for an easy microphone package to amplify all the elements of your drum set? Then our Drum Microphone Bundles are for you! With four different options, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Guitar/Bass/Bass Amps

Celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day with A-T

Whether you need assistance miking your guitar or a guide to recording your electric bass, A-T has outlined it all. Check out our three basic single-mic recording techniques for the electric guitar or our three basic techniques for recording electric bass to get jamming quicker. We’ve even covered the topic of miking guitars and bass amps at a festival, and with summer coming soon, you’ll want to bookmark this great resource!


Miking a piano or organ can get a bit tricky. To ensure that those beautiful sounds are reproduced with accuracy, the ATM350PL piano miking system makes set-up a breeze. Check out our other picks for all the tools necessary to get the right sound from your piano or organ.

Fiddle/Mandolin/Banjo/Upright Bass

Celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day with A-T

While each of these instruments are unique, they’re commonly found within a bluegrass band. Known for their signature style of using a central microphone that members lean into for their solos, miking a bluegrass band is a unique process. Our guide on the subject covers both using a single mic for showmanship, or clip-on mics for larger instruments like an upright bass.

Brass Instruments

Celebrate National Buy a Musical Instrument Day with A-T

Considering that all of the sound is emanating from one location, miking a brass instrument may seem pretty simple; however, with the tremendous range of brass instruments, it’s imperative that mics are set up properly. From trumpets and trombones to tubas and French horns, check out our picks for the best mics for each. A clip-on mounting system, such as the ATM350a, is also a great option for brass and percussion.

Latin Percussion Instruments

Congas, timbales, and cajon, oh my! With a wide variety of instruments and a multitude of tonal qualities that encompass Latin percussion instruments, don’t miss out on a beat when recording these types of instruments.

If the information you’re looking for wasn’t covered in this post, please contact our Audio Solutions Department for further assistance.

What instrument will you be miking this National Buy a Musical Instrument day?


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