Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up the Audio-Technica Pro and Artist Series Drum Microphone Packs?

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Set Up the Audio-Technica Pro and Artist Series Drum Microphone Packs?

Question: How do I set up the Audio-Technica Pro and Artist Series Drum Microphone Packs? Answer: Purchasing an Audio-Technica Drum Microphone Pack allows you to get a set of microphones specifically designed and chosen for optimal drum pickup. Whether you… Continue Reading

Mic Check: Guide To A-T’s Drum Microphone Bundles

This fall, Audio-Technica returned to the Audio Engineering Society’s Pro Audio convention, debuting a variety of new audio products, including four new microphone bundles geared specifically toward drummers. Each drum mic bundle provides audio solutions for both studio projects and… Continue Reading

Drum Miking Techniques: The Essential Guide

drum recording techniques

Drums provide the backbone of any song and can make or break your mix. Utilizing proper miking techniques in the studio is key to ensuring your sound is on point. Miking your kit is an involved and often complicated process.… Continue Reading

Frank Klepacki Blog Series: Preferences for Recording Drums, Part 2

This is the 18th installment in guest blogger Frank Klepacki’s series on music production. Today Frank shares more of his preferences for recording drums. If you missed Frank’s previous post on this topic, you can read it here. TOMS: AE3000 and… Continue Reading

Tips For Recording 4 Latin Percussion Instruments

There are a wide variety of Latin percussion instruments with different tonal qualities. Incorporating the right ones on the right tracks will provide tasteful accents that make your song really pop. Audio-Technica is here to help you with mic selection… Continue Reading

Steve Lagudi’s Favorite Audio-Technica Microphones

Steve Lagudi

Our accomplished touring FOH and studio engineer friend, Steve Lagudi, is also an occasional A-T guest blogger. He’s tackled several topics, including miking cymbals and channel delay. At this year’s NAMM Show, Steve took some time to talk with us… Continue Reading

4 Tips for Recording Your Snare Drum

The snare drum is the focal point of any drum set. You really have to nail the snare sound, though it may be the trickiest drum to record. In four quick tips, we’ll show you the basics for capturing a… Continue Reading

4 Basic Recording Techniques for Hand Percussion Instruments

Hand percussion can provide just the accent you need to fill out and drive your song. It provides spice and momentum. In many of the greatest rock songs, a good piece of hand percussion provides the perfect addition (look no… Continue Reading