Catching Up with The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is traveling the country educating students by way of their state-of-the art mobile recording facility. The Lennon Bus is fully equipped with the latest audio technology and setup with two recording studios. Their full-time audio engineers journey to different schools and music events around the country teaching students about music arts and digital media education.

Already making 50 stops this year, the Lennon Bus is off to a busy start. From every school visit to a stop at Good Day LA, we were along for the ride. Read on to see the highlights from the year so far and the impact The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is making.


The Good Day LA team was excited to get a tour inside the Bus with audio engineers in action! This quick 3-minute clip gives perfect insight into what The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is all about. You’ll get an inside look at both recording studios and learn how the bus travels and educates the country.


You won’t know you’re watching students perform when you check out some of the videos recorded on the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. Using backdrops from the high school locations and students playing instruments, you’ll see the true talent that the future has to offer.

Pocatello High School, Idaho

This lively group of students came together to perform “We Are The Light” by The Natives. They utilized locations inside and outside of their high school and showcased their talent with an array of musical instruments.

La Colina Junior High School, California

This group of talented junior high students slowed things down a bit. Performing “Oil and Water” by Tank, you’ll see the girls hit some impressive high notes and a thrilling solo by the guitarist.

Rockwall High School, Texas

Just when you think things can’t get any more remarkable, they throw in an acapella twist! Check out this group of students performing an original song they created in just one day.

We’re blown away by the immense amount of talent that steps into the Lennon Bus. Be sure to head over to their YouTube channel to see more amazing performances.

Spreading Peace

Along with spreading a love for music and the arts, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus is also trying to spread peace throughout the country. How does one combine peace, music and the arts? With one simple picture; like this one from Wilder Elementary School in Idaho.

The Lennon Bus

See how other schools photographed the iconic pose:


As part of supporting music and the arts, The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus partners with The John Lennon Songwriting Contest. The contest builds the groundwork for upcoming artists and musicians. Session two of the contest is now open so go enter your song!

Skye Strickler, a past winner in the Pop category, recorded one of his song on the Bus. Check it out:

You can check in with The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus anytime on their website and follow them around the country by keeping an eye on their schedule.

[All Photos and Video courtesy of The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus]


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