Audio-Technica’s Top Audio Gear for Teachers at Home

Audio-Technica’s Top Audio Gear for Teachers at Home

Every teacher has their classroom essentials, but what if you are educating your students from home? Although you may not have the same supplies while working remotely, with the right tools from Audio-Technica, you can still be prepared for delivering your next lesson and ensuring your students can hear you loud and clear. Check out our top audio gear picks that come in handy for teaching groups of all sizes and ages while at home!


Remote learning is in session with the ATGM1-USB desktop microphone. This cardioid condenser gooseneck microphone is easy to use, lightweight, and does not require much desk space. While minimizing surrounding sound and emphasizing the speaker’s voice, the ATGM1-USB is a great tool for communicating with students online.



Your knowledge will be heard while using the ATGM2 detachable boom microphone. The ATGM2 enables you to transform your favorite headphones into a comfortable and productive headset. The boom mic’s small base easily attaches to the headphones of your choice, delivering crystal clear audio.




Need to use your headphones and mic and they incompatible with your computer’s jacks?  Turn your pair of headphones or mono microphone (with 3.5 mm plug) into a USB-compatible device using the  ATR2x-USB digital audio adapter. The ATR2x-USB is equipped with microphone and headphone inputs, a USB-C output, muting/volume controls, and plug-in power for microphones, where necessary.



The ATR2100x-USB cardioid dynamic USB/XLR microphone is a valuable tool for anything from recording lesson plans to hosting virtual office hours. The handheld microphone seamlessly connects to your computer and other devices with a USB output, and also comes with an included tripod desk stand for hands-free operation. Teachers can monitor their audio level at any time with the headphone jack, perfect for voiceover purposes.



Teach a large class size? Hear every single student with the ATH-G1 premium headset. Originally designed for gaming but perfect for the digital classroom, the ATH-G1 is equipped with a flexible boom microphone, allowing your lecture to be heard clearly at all times, while the light and breathable earpads and headband make this headset comfortable for even the longest lectures.


How are you teaching at home with A-T gear?  Let us know in the comments below!


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