Audio-Technica Takes on NAB 2015

We are just a few days away from the 2015 National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show. Attendees from all over the world come together to take part in one of the largest electronic media events dedicated to showcasing radio, television, and web broadcasting gear and technology. Here at A-T, our bags are packed and we’re ready to head back to Vegas for the show!

Audio-Technica at NAB 2015

Audio-Technica Pro Audio Gear at NAB 2015

This year we have a few new products that we feel the broadcasting community will love. And we’ll also be presenting several category mainstays. Here’s some of what you will see at the A-T booth.

Audio-Technica BP40 Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast MicrophoneBP40: Large-Diaphragm Dynamic Broadcast Microphone

The BP40 delivers rich, natural, condenser-like sound. It features a large diaphragm with patented floating-edge construction that maximizes diaphragm surface area and optimizes overall diaphragm performance.


AT2020USBiAT2020USBi: Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

The AT2020USBi USB Microphone brings high-resolution audio (24-bit/96 kHz) to A-T’s line of USB mics. Includes both USB and Lightning output cables for ready connectivity to PC, Mac and iOS devices. Features a mic gain control for easy adjustment of input level.


Audio-Technica System 10 Camera MountSystem 10 Camera-Mount: Portable Camera-Mount Digital Wireless System

The System 10 Camera-Mount provides three levels of diversity assurance: frequency, time and space. Instantaneous channel selection, sync and setup make the Camera-Mount extremely easy to use, while its digital 24-bit/48 kHz wireless operation provides the ultimate in sound quality and dependable performance. Also, as the receiver operates in the 2.4 GHz range, it remains completely free from TV interference at all times.


Audio-Technica AT8024 MicAT8024: Stereo/Mono Camera-Mount Microphone

The AT8024 Stereo/Mono Camera-Mount Microphone offers a simple, powerful solution for capturing high-resolution audio for video. Selectable line-cardioid mono and internally matrixed mid-side stereo modes provide the flexibility to focus the recording on a single sound source or to widen the field for outstanding sonic realism. In either mode, the AT8024 delivers audio that is dramatically better than that supplied by the camera’s internal microphone.

Sights and Sounds of NAB 2015

Once again, Fred Ginsburg, CAS, Ph.D., MBKS, will be answering questions and conducting demos on behalf of Audio-Technica at this year’s NAB 2015 tradeshow. Fred and his Fred Ginsburg NABdecked-out sound cart will be on hand all week long, Monday through Thursday, at the Audio-Technica booth located in the Central Hall (Booth C1745).

Unlike past years, where we worked off of a fixed schedule of presentations by noted sound authorities, the plan for 2015 is to just put things in place and let the sessions happen spontaneously. The experts and hardware will be at the booth every day, so that attendees are free to stop by when they can and not feel controlled by their watches. Individuals can ask for advice or request hands-on, personalized instruction about anything related to production sound.

Stop by. Ask questions. Learn and practice on the equipment. It’s all about the hands-on experience.

What product are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!


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