The Audio-Technica Installed Sound Support App

installed soundAs the times change, Audio-Technica changes with them. That’s how we’ve managed to create innovative audio equipment for over five decades.

Now, we have a free Installed Sound App for iOS devices that takes the guesswork out of many calculations sound professionals need to make on a daily basis.

Download the app today by visiting the Apple store from your iOS device for a nice selection of tools including the following:

  1. Application Guide (for A-T pro microphones): find the right A-T mic for the job, categorized by instrument.
  2. Wavelength Calculator: Input frequency to determine wavelength.
  3. Needed Gain Calculator: Input distances to find necessary gain in dB.
  4. 3:1 Mic Placement Calculator: Calculate the distance between two mics and between mic and source.
  5. RTA & SPL Meter: Monitor your sound pressure level in real time.
  6. Frequency Finder (for A-T wireless products): Select a system, input your zip code and find the available frequencies.
  7. Record and Playback: Record, save and play up to three test recordings.

These handy, user-friendly tools allow technicians and musicians to move more quickly and confidently through setup and testing and get on to what’s important—a great sounding performance. Download Audio-Technica’s free Installed Sound Support App today and see how it can help you.



    • Hi there, Mike! At this time, the Audio-Technica Installed Sound Support App is only available on iOS. We will keep our site and blog updated if this indeed changes. Thanks again for reading the A-T Blog!

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