Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: What Stereo Microphone Techniques Can Be Used With Audio-Technica Microphones? (Part 2: X/Y Stereo)

Question: What stereo microphone techniques can be used with Audio-Technica microphones? (Part 2: X/Y stereo)

Answer: Also known as a coincident pair, the “X/Y” stereo recording technique is recommended to produce a full stereo sound in your recording. This method is often used in smaller spaces where the mics need to be placed close together, but still produce a wide stereo image.

XY PairThe width of the stereo spread is determined by the angle at which the mics are placed. The wider the angle, the more of a stereo spread. If the angle gets too wide, a hole will be created in the middle of your stereo mix. The narrower the angle, the less of a hole. However, if it is too narrow, you may end up with more of a mono signal.


To set up an X/Y pair, you will need two directional microphones, such as our AE5100 cardioid condenser mics, that are mounted with the grilles almost touching one on top of the other and the back end of the mics angled apart. Depending on the distance and size of the source being recorded, you may want the size of the angle to be anywhere from 90 degrees to 120 degrees. Although cardioid mics are a common choice for this technique, you may use any other polar pattern, as well, such as hypercardioid or bidirectional.

As always, if you have any questions about using the X/Y stereo recording technique with your Audio-Technica mics, please feel free to contact us in the Audio Solutions Department.

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  1. Really interesting article, I hadn’t quite understood the term stereo spread when talking about vocal microphones, but now I do… so thank-you.

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