Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Replace the Stylus on My AT95E Phono Cartridge?

How Do I Replace the Stylus on My AT95E Phono Cartridge?

Audio Solutions Team

Replacing an ATN95E Stylus

(PLEASE NOTE: to avoid damage, do not touch the needle. Although not shown in the pictures, this process can also be performed with the stylus guard in place. No tools are required to replace the stylus.)

1. Remove the headshell from the turntable. To do so, rotate the headshell locking ring one full turn clockwise, which will release the headshell. Pull the headshell straight off.

Audio-Technica Turntable Stylus

 2. Flip the headshell over and locate the flanges that protrude from either side of the ATN95E’s green body.

Audio-Technica cartridge


Side View

Audio-Technica cartridge for turntables

Straight On View

3. Applying light pressure, enough to grab the flanges, pull the stylus off the cartridge as shown in photos below. It may be necessary to gently rock the stylus side to side as you pull. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT TOUCH THE NEEDLE.

Changing a cartridge

changing an audio-technica cartridge

Changing cartridge on audio-technica turntable

4. To attach the new stylus, simply follow the above instructions in reverse.

Replacing a worn stylus is an important and economical way to keep your turntable operating at its best. We hope you have found these instructions helpful, but if you require further assistance or have questions about any other Audio-Technica product, please feel free to contact our Audio Solutions Department – we’re always glad to help. And be sure to join us next time for another “Question of the Week”!



  1. Replacing the stylus was a very frustrating experience. The instructions that came with it (written by the Chinese, I am sure) were not very clear and certainly not explicate.

    Thanks to Brent in your repair department, I was able to get the job done, but with great misgivings.

    Thank you.

    • Alene,

      We apologize for the frustration and we’re happy to hear that Brent was able to help you out.

      Enjoy your turntable and thanks for reading!

      -A-T team

  2. I bought a turntable Thorens TD240-2 last August at Commercial Electronics Ltd.,Vancouver. I enjoyed listening music everyday 4 or 5 hours. Now I should have to replace the needle as by sound too much worn. But problem is I can not get the needle for AT95E cartridge though being seen a lot many in Website from USA, ,but not in Vancouver. So I will have to replace the catridge AT95E ,so that I can get easily the stylus
    needle such as Shure. What shall I do ?

  3. Purchased latest AT turntable, the LP5. Three weeks later the stylus has fallen out of its hole in the plastic cartridge. Is the ATN 95EX similar to fit as above?

  4. Thanks for the help in seeing how to replace the stylus on my AT95e cartridge. I’ve purchased a stylus suitable for playing 78 rpm records and look forward to transcribing them all to digital format. Best regards, Don

  5. I have the Audio Technica Lp120, i want to upgrade to a higher end stylus, which one do you recommend?

  6. I currently have a 95E cartridge and love it. If I decided to upgrade to an AT120Eb would it attach using the same steps above? Will it just snap into place using the same method or would it require buying more than just the sylus? If it is just plug & play that would be superb! Thanks!

      • Just curious if I upgrade to the AT120Eb would I need the upgraded counterweight or will the standard one that came with the LP120 work just fine?

  7. On and off in just a few minutes! Thank you so much for the directions. Can you hear it spinning again???

  8. I Purchased Teac TN-300 turntable last week, with AT 95 Stylus. After 3 days of ussing the turntable, the needle has fallen/broke out of the plastic cartridge. do I need to raplace only the stylus or the cartridge?

  9. I had a similar problem to Laurence. The needle became detached from the stylus after only two weeks of use and very light and careful use. Assume this shouldn’t have happened. Have ordered a replacement online but thought you should know.

  10. Thank you. This was not like removing the stylus from any other cartridge I’ve owned over forty-some years. I was stumped.

  11. Newbie question: What is that tiny plastic bump on one side of the stylus? I have an ATS-11 and am about to replace it. I’m curious if it has any practical use since every stylus I’ve seen has one. Thank you

  12. what is the tiny plastic bump on one side of stylus???? I must know!!

  13. can i fit MC cartridge to Audio-Technica AT-LP120-USB, if yes,
    pl specify the model of MC

  14. Hello, I am about to buy the AT-LP3. I have from my previous TT a quite new AT95 cartridge. If I want to replace it, should I replace only the little red part of the AT91R with the green part of the AT95? Or take off the whole bigger part (disconnecting the 4 wires which connect the cartridge to the tone arm, unscrew it from the headshell) and swap the complete thing? What’s better, sound-quality wise? Thanks!

  15. Is it possible for me to replace the stylus on the AT95EX with the VMN20EB?

  16. Thank you for these online instructions … so much better than the printed version!

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