Audio Solutions Question of the Week: How Do I Make a Gooseneck Microphone Work for a Wireless Setup?

Question: How do I make a gooseneck microphone work for a wireless setup?

Answer: Wireless microphones are widely popular and used in applications where the microphone needs to be easily mobile or where cables may not be run or where the necessary connections are not available. Audio-Technica has a few different solutions for using a gooseneck microphone in wireless setups – take a look at these options and chose the one that will work best for your situation.

System 10 PRO with ATW-T1007Option #1 – System 10 PRO with the ATW-T1007 Transmitter

Operating in the 2.4 GHz range, the System 10 PRO digital wireless system is highly regarded as a solution to the problem of overcrowding and regulation of the TV-band spectrum. Additionally, Audio-Technica has the ATW-T1007 Desk Stand Transmitter, a System 10 PRO component that allows the user to plug in a standard XLR gooseneck microphone, such as the U857QL. The ATW-T1007 transmitter provides 12V DC of phantom power, which is sufficient for many gooseneck microphones, including those in the Audio-Technica UniPoint® and Engineered Sound lines. The ATW-T1007 transmitter has a local button for mute status toggle, push-to-mute, and push-to-talk modes. Using the ATW-T1007 and a gooseneck microphone to wirelessly transmit audio to your System 10 PRO receiver is a great first option.


Option #2 – U857ALcW

Using a simple adapter to plug a gooseneck microphone such as the PRO 49Q into a UniPak® transmitter will not work as the bias voltage provided by the transmitter will not be sufficient to power the microphone. So Audio-Technica created the U857ALcW, which uses the same microphone element as the popular U857 microphone, but is configured to be properly powered by bias voltage. Additionally, the 4-pin Hirose (HRS) connector that is used on Audio-Technica UniPak transmitters provides a quick-and-easy solution for adding a gooseneck microphone to a wireless setup.


These options are what we most often recommend, but, as always, Audio-Technica has more solutions (for instance, the ATCS-60 Infrared Wireless System, which, you guessed it, has a wireless gooseneck option). Feel free to contact our Audio Solutions Department to see which option will best suit your wireless gooseneck microphone needs.


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