Audio Solutions Question of the Week: When Is It Best To Use Wireless Mics for Meeting and Presentation Rooms?

System 10 PRO Digital Wireless

System 10 PRO Digital Wireless

Question: When is it best to use wireless mics for meeting and presentation rooms?

Answer: Wireless microphones are typically used in an environment where the microphones need to be portable or in an environment where installing cables and setup may be difficult. In this final chapter of the microphones for meeting and presentation room series we will be talking about how boundary and gooseneck mics can be utilized in meeting and presentation rooms wirelessly.

In a recent post it was mentioned that the System 10 PRO digital wireless system avoids the TV channel frequency spectrum, therefore avoiding common interference and frequency coordination issues. You can also forget the cords with a wireless installation, resulting in a sleek and professional appearance. For those situations in which a boundary microphone would come into use we have the ATW-T1006 boundary microphone/transmitter. This boundary mic offers clear, natural sound quality in a low-profile design, and features a touch-sensitive switch that can toggle between talk and mute modes or be set to function as a press-to-talk or press-to-mute button.

ATCS-60 Infrared Discussion System

ATCS-60 Infrared Discussion System

In addition to the System 10 PRO we have the ATW-T1007 microphone desk stand transmitter. This component allows the user to plug in an XLR gooseneck microphone such as the U857QL. These mics are great to use when someone will be stationary while presenting. The ATW-T1007 also features the touch-sensitive switch mentioned with the ATW-T1006.

With today’s security standards it is important to keep sensitive information private. The ATCS-60 infrared discussion system allows you to set up the conference room wirelessly and with peace of mind. The propagation characteristics of the ATCS-60’s infrared technology ensures that your signal cannot leave the room. A few of the features included with this discussion system are four selectable channels for multi-language conferences, as well as an automated camera function for audio visual integration and software control.

When it comes to a wireless setup in a meeting or presentation room these options are what we typically recommend. If you have any questions or need a solution for your setup you may contact our Audio Solutions Department.



  1. The ATCS-60 Infrared Discussion System looks like a game changer in transforming the conference room. The automated visual integration function looks like one of its kind. Well done Audio-Technica!

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