Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Why Is my AT-LP60 Turntable Not Spinning?

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Why Is my AT-LP60 Turntable Not Spinning?

Question: Why is my AT-LP60 turntable not spinning?

Answer: Suppose you are the new owner of the AT-LP60 turntable and after getting it out of the box and setting it up, the platter does not spin. Or perhaps you are the longtime owner of an AT-LP60 turntable. You recently moved, and at your new location, the platter on your AT-LP60 is no longer spinning. Being that the AT-LP60 is a belt-driven turntable, the key concept to keep in mind from your knowledge of simple machines is the use of a pulley system when it comes to placing the belt during setup.

The platter on our LP60 turntables spins using the pulley system, which means the platter must be connected to the gold-colored motor pulley that spins underneath the platter. If the belt is placed around the white-colored post on the right-hand side, or around the plastic rim under the platter, this is incorrect and the platter will not spin when you press start (see examples below).

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Why is my AT-LP60 Turntable Not Spinning?

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Why is my AT-LP60 Turntable Not Spinning?

The belt goes around the rim on the flipside of the aluminum record platter (see example below) and the gold motor pulley ONLY. Please follow the steps below to remove your platter and properly reinstall your belt.

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Why is my AT-LP60 Turntable Not Spinning?

Audio-Solutions Question of the Week: Why is my AT-LP60 Turntable Not Spinning?

To reinstall the belt, remove the platter from the turntable by placing your thumb and a finger in the two circular holes near the spindle and gently lifting the platter straight up. Turn the platter over so the bottom is facing up, and reinstall the drive belt around the drive rim, which is located about an inch from the platter’s outer edge. Make certain there are no twists in the belt. Reinstall the platter onto the turntable and rotate the platter by hand until one of the large rectangular openings is located at the upper left corner of the turntable (at about the 10 o’clock position). Look down into the opening and locate the gold-colored motor pulley. Grab the belt from the inside edge of the rectangular opening and pull it over and around the pulley. Place the black felt mat back on the aluminum record platter.

After verifying that the belt is still around the pulley (or after reinstalling the belt), follow the steps below to reset the turntable’s automatic cycle mechanism, then retry operating it:

  1. Unplug the AC power cord from the AC power source (typically a wall outlet).
  2. Press and release the STOP button.
  3. While holding the tonearm in the tonearm rest with one hand, use your other hand to slowly rotate the aluminum record platter in a clockwise direction for at least 10 full revolutions.
  4. Place a record on the record platter.
  5. Plug the AC power cord back into the AC power source.
  6. Press and release the START button

If you have any questions about the belt placement on your AT-LP60 turntable, please contact us here in the Audio Solutions Department for assistance with this.



  1. Seriously interested in purchasing your AT LP120Bk with your very best stylus and cartridge. Would you please reply with top two recommended packages. Thanks again.

  2. My AP-LP60 is new . I followed all steps and Platter is correct but start button wont do anything. Please help me solving this problem .

  3. Thank you so much to whoever wrote this.
    The instructions in the manual aren’t as clear as this, I recently moved apartments and when I unpacked the turntable it would’t spin, I was passing the belt in the incorrect way just like in the picture

  4. Ditto to what Dan said. I moved and I wasn’t sure why my ATLP60 wasn’t working. When I checked the belt it was completely wrong. After readjusting it to be the correct configuration, I’m back to listening to my favorite records. Thanks!

  5. I’ve had mine for about 2 years now and just the other night i was going to play a record and my start button wont work. i can push the button but nothing will happen. not sure if its electrical since i can’t check the other functions without pressing start. any ideas on what it could be/ what i should do?

  6. Thanks for the email,it was what I needed to get my turntable working.Wish I had thought to contact you before I bought a second one.

  7. Hi. I have purchased my Audio technica AT LP60 Turntable in Dec 2017. Recently we shifted the item to a new location. Have reset the belt drive and confirmed that part but still the system is not spinning. Not sure if it is electrical problem as there is no way to check. Have been using a step down transformer to power the system. Checked the transformer and the same is alright. Can you please help me.

  8. Turntable spins for about 2-3 seconds and then stops – gone through all the troubleshooting steps here

  9. Hello Team,

    We’ve just purchased a AT-LP60WH-BT turntable from amazon and after setup, we tried powering it on. I tried using the bluetooth function and the bluetooth button light came on and went off immediately.

    After then, numerous attempts to power the turntable and play a vinyl has proved abortive. Also, the bluetooth button light doesn’t come on anymore.

    What could be the problem and a possible solution? It’s important to note that we are currently in Nigeria. Could it be a power rating issue? A friend of mine suggested us getting a step down transformer. Please help.

    Thank you.

  10. Turntable starts to spin and positions the needle then stops spinning. I’ll unplug the power and reset the needle with manual rotations as described but still won’t go beyond positioning

  11. Thank you for this article! I thought my turntable was broken and was ready to dump it. Then I came across this article and followed the super simple instructions and now it is working! I’m so happy!

  12. This was incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for writing this clear and useful guide. You even made it clear that this often happens after moving, which is what happened to me! Thank you.

  13. So helpful! Thank you. My belt had completely disappeared under the gears somehow during my move. Was able to carefully remove and it’s playing like new (minus the crack in the covering ☹️).

  14. Thank you so much. Brilliantly simple post and thanks to this we now have music in our new home!

  15. I have the LP60XBT
    Bluetooth connected at first and now you can barely hear the music. I have confirmed that the speakers are not connected with any other device. Please advise

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