Audio Solutions Question of the Week: Which Wireless Microphones Will Work With an Audio-Technica Wireless System?

Question: Which wireless microphones will work with an Audio-Technica wireless system?

VHF TwinMic™ System with battery-powered receiver and transmitter

Answer: Different wireless systems use different types of connectors, so for proper operation you will need to make certain that you’re using the correct connector (with its properly configured electronics) to connect your microphone and wireless transmitter. Most Audio-Technica professional wireless systems utilize the locking 4-pin connector, but other brands of wireless systems may utilize a different connector. Audio-Technica UniPak® transmitters use these locking 4-pin connectors, allowing users to connect a large selection of Wireless Essentials® products including headworn mics, lavalier mics and cables. Audio-Technica labels these compatible products with a “cW” code.

Audio-Technica WirelessAudio-Technica WirelessPopular Audio-Technica headworn microphones such as the BP892 and BP894 are among the choices available with wireless terminations. These wireless models may be found by the product codes BP892cW and BP894cW.

Colors may also be identified in the product codes. Wireless configurations of the BP896, AT899 and MT830 lavalier microphones, for example, are available in “Theater Beige,” which carry the added “TH” code: BP896cW-TH, AT899cW-TH and MT83cW-TH.

Audio-Technica Wireless

Additional Wireless Essentials® products, such as the U851cW boundary microphone,U857ALcW gooseneck microphone, AT-GcW PRO and XLRW cables, and ATM350cW instrument microphone, are also available for use with Audio-Technica UniPak® wireless transmitters.

The PRO 88W and ATR288W wireless systems utilize a 3.5 mm connection. Versions of popular Audio-Technica microphones that can be used with these wireless systems are identified by the code “mW.” These microphones include the MT830mW, PRO 8HEmW, and AT829mW.

Audio-Technica microphones are known for their build quality and signature sound, making them attractive choices for use with other brands of wireless systems, too. Audio-Technica offers wireless mics terminated for many Shure, Sennheiser, LectroSonics and other popular wireless systems. Check with our Audio Solutions Department to see if your favorite Audio-Technica microphone is available in a wireless configuration.



  1. Can I use my cardioid condenser microphone A-T PRO35 with wireless system (ATW-R1100 and ATW-T1001 UniPak) if I replace the remote power module AT8538 with the XLRW Microphone Input Cable that can be used between a microphone and body-pack wireless transmitter?
    Can this very mic be used both ways as the hard wired and cordless?

  2. Can I use pro35 mic with atw11 wireless pack? I see in the pro 35 mic requires. Phantom power. Does bodypack supplies this power?

  3. I have a Shure PGXD4 Wireless Receiver and was wondering if a audio technica ATW-T52 microphone. Is this possible?

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