Audio Solutions Question of the Week: Which Audio-Technica Headphones Are Recommended For Working Out At Home?

Question: Which Audio-Technica headphones are recommended for working out at home?

Answer: Audio-Technica’s headphone product line spans from high-fidelity to portable models. Different models offer different sound signatures and are designed with particular purposes in mind. And, yes, we do have models designed specifically for working out. Fitness centers often play music over loudspeakers that everyone can hear or offer personal devices you can plug your headphones into. Some people, however, prefer using their own portable music devices and headphones at the gym, which, of course, work just as well at home. But if you’re still trying to adjust to working out at home, finding the right pair of headphones can make a big difference.

Audio Solutions Question of the Week: Which Audio-Technica Headphones Are Recommended For Working Out At Home?

Wireless headphones are often the chosen style for working out as there is no cable to get tangled in. If you are running on a treadmill or lifting weights, it can be burdensome to be physically connected to your music device. While using a cable offers greater stability and audio quality, wireless headphones are preferred in this application. Additionally, in-ear headphones are often chosen over on-ear or over-ear models. When you’re working out and sweating it’s generally better to have the headphone drivers in your ears. Audio-Techinca SonicSport models are designed to stay in place while you’re active, and they are IEC-certified to withstand moisture.*

It is important for in-ear headphones to fit well to help maximize passive sound isolation and audio quality. Audio-Technica SonicSport headphones include multiple eartip sizes as well as a variety of ear fins or adjustable ear hooks, allowing you to customize the fit to your ears. The ATH-SPORT60BT and ATH-SPORT90BT are tethered wireless headphones, meaning that they connect to your device wirelessly but still have a cable that links the two headphones together. The ATH-SPORT90BT includes a built-in music player that can store up to 4 GB of audio files, so you don’t have to depend on your phone or other device for music while working out. The ATH-SPORT7TW is a truly wireless model with no cables whatsoever. It offers 3.5 hours of battery life on a full charge, and can be recharged four times on the go using the included portable charging case.

If you have further questions on which Audio-Technica model may best suit your needs, you may contact the Audio Solutions Department who may further assist.

*IEC rating “IPX5” (“Washable”). The headphone may be washed using running water (not completely waterproof).


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