Audio Solutions Question of The Week: What is an Audio-Technica Case Style?

What is an Audio-Technica case style?

Audio Solutions Team

Answer: Audio-Technica offers a wide array of professional windscreens, clamps, shock mounts, adapters and other audio accessories designed to fit A-T microphones. Many are provided with microphones as included accessories, but both included and optional accessories may be purchased separately.

Most Audio-Technica microphones have been assigned a case style as a convenient way to identify compatible accessories. Case style refers to a particular size and shape of a microphone’s body (or case) and/or its grill. Each microphone’s case style is identified in the Specifications section on the microphone’s product description page on our website. A link to all the Optional Windscreens/Mounts that fit a given microphone is provided on the Downloads tab of the description page.

The following example illustrates how to identify the case style of Audio-Technica mics and find compatible windscreens and mounts.

Use the Product Search box at the top of the website to locate the product description page for your microphone. We use the AT831R lavalier mic in this example, but the process is the same for all mics:

Audio-Technica Mic

Once on the description page, click on the Specifications tab:


Cardioid Condenser Lavalier Microphone

Audio-Technica Lav Mic

The Audio-Technica case style will appear near the end of the listed specifications, so scroll down until you find it. For AT831R, the case style is M1:

Audio-Technica Case Style

To see which windscreens and mounts are compatible with the AT831R, and all other microphones with an M1 case style, click on the Downloads tab, then click on the Optional Windscreens/Mounts link included there:

Audio-Technica microphone

Clicking the Optional Windscreens/Mounts link will bring up a list of all the available windscreens and mounts that fit your microphone:

microphone windscreen

{full list not shown here}

Audio-Technica case style allows you to easily match a microphone with available mounts and windscreens. But if you ever have questions about compatible accessories, please don’t hesitate to contact our Audio Solutions Department – we’re always here to help.

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  1. you guys have the most difficult site to find anything.Do I have to
    go to your competitor and buy from them? Can anyone help?I have an audio technica lavalier microphone and havn’t a clue what model number it is. I am seeing references to case styles.
    Why don’t you have a couple of pages with case styles with
    dimensions and pictures. Im going in a visious circle finding
    nothing You guys,at Audio Technica can do a lot better than this.
    I work at TV station and I’m trying to replace lavalier wind screens
    and lavalier mic clips you use to clip a mic to clothing..Where is
    all your information? I can’t find it and I need to find replacements
    for the equipment that we have.As you probably can tell I’m
    discusted with Audio Technicas lack of information.Where is it?
    Im having to guess at which microphones we have.Maybe what
    we have is microphones not made by Audio Technica but with
    your logo on them.I would like answers

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